06 April 2010

A Classy Lady on 57th - Teodora Restaurant

Teodora Restaurant - 57th between Lexington and 3rd Avenue

My favorite sardines

The specials

The Grappa

Teodora Restaurant stands as elegant and simple Italian on 57th Street between Lex and 3rd. It's a favorite of two of my favorite people. The Golf Foxtrot and Gail Greene. The lasagna deserves the raves but never discount the specials. These little sardines were a perfect bite of briny sea without being over powering at all. Placed on bruschetta with a squeeze of lemon -they were "bang the table" fantastic.

It's the perfect place for splitting a starter and a pasta entree. There's always a $30-ish bottle of Montepulciano and it flies under the Manhattan radar so a table is rarely hard to get. I always think of this restaurant as a woman. Bright, smiling, fresh scrubbed and wearing a simple linen dress and clear nail polish. My idea of a long term relationship.


Belle de Ville said...

Sardines and 30$ Montepulciano, sounds yummy.

M.Lane said...

What a great place! I can't wait to try it.


GSV JR said...

I've got a thing for clear nail polish - and fresh sardines.

brohammas said...

I know very little Italian and even less about sardines. Those pictured look nothing like the ones I have seen and I have a renewed interest in these little fish.
My friend you may have inspired me to turn over a new leaf, or fish, or something.

ADG said...

I'll be rolling in to Gotham next Tuesday-just in time for an early lunch. If you are in town-I'll buy.

Alice Olive said...

I have to admit that when I read the description of the restaurant as a woman, I was hooked. Thank you for the recommendation: I shall be trying!

tintin said...

ADG- Free lunch? You still owe me for that photo you used. You should'a run that through Mr Shitzenberger who heads up the Rights & Clearances divison at The Trad.