28 April 2010

Docker's HQ

Docker's Book
Docker's Shirt

Docker's Pant

Docker's Colors

Docker's Ties

Docker's Belt

Docker's Cube

Scenes in the corporate New York offices along with a book I stole and a sport jacket I'm going back for.


Anonymous said...

Today, Dockers get a bad rap when mentioned in movies, articles, etc. for being an un-hip, old guy pant. But the first few years after they came out Dockers actually led many a reluctant guy by their belt loops past their scary polyester days. Or at least out of their cookie-cutter giant pleated starched khaki conformity. They may even have paved the way for successful brands like Dickies and Bill's Khakis.

An all cotton straight leg retro trouser in a variety of subtle colors was actually very unique for the time. Best of all, where it had become impossible to find pants without pleats, Dockers offered a plain front version. I can't overstate how frustrating it had become to find pleat-less pants.

Sure, trousers have since become sleeker and with better drape in keeping with a more fit lifestyle. But Dockers may very well have saved an entire generation from a life in Sans-A-Belt slacks.

That first shot looks like a young Gore Vidal.



tintin said...

DB - The K-1 Army inspired pant was a brilliant idea back in 1999 but no one else thought so. That guy in the bottom photo had a lot to do with it coming back. I can't seem to pull any up on the web site except for a $250 limited edition so I guess he did his job very well.

That's not Gore. C'mon, DB. Take another guess. Think, A Bridge Too Far.

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Dockers. Hmmm, interesting. Bloody hell. The iGents and brand whores surely will be displeased.

Sport jacket? Are you referring to the piece of wallpaper hanging on the chair in the bottom photo? ;)

tintin said...

LBT - I love that jacket. It's like wearing a sofa.

Anonymous said...

where can we find those unique colors as posted in the above photo?!

tintin said...

Anon- Try here:


I'll confirm when the other colors are coming out.


French's Yellow Mustard.

tintin said...

Stew- That's his calling card.

Interesting to look at Europe's Docker site. Side tab khakis echoing the pair worn by Dirk on the cover of the book.

tintin said...

Go to eu.dockers.com and click on the soldier pic. Great web site and some very detailed info on the K-1 and it's domestic manaufacture.

Also a great web site as opposed to the US site with men running around and yelling in jockey shorts. Amazing contrast.

JMW said...

Love that the guy in the office cube is wearing a bow tie. :)

Ben said...

Haven't bought a pair of Dockers in years. I'm trying to scoop up N.O.S. Duck Heads in my size (or thereabouts) off ebay.

OFF TOPIC, as they say: I hope you post about O.C. and Stiggs. I loved the stories in National Lampoon. The movie slightly less so.

elegancemaison said...

I don't know anything about Dockers but I know what I like. And I like Dirk Bogarde and was in love with him since a teenager - sadly mission impossible for a girl, but he was so very beautiful, a lovely actor, writer and English gentleman. And much missed. Thank you for posting this handsome photograph of him.