23 April 2010

The Friday Belt: Mille Miglia

Don't need to be rich to drink this wine...

although it would help to own this car

Banging 12 on my aesthetic meter - Lancia Aurelia Coupe

This lanyard is screaming to be made into a belt

Mille Miglia cook book (good luck finding it)

Banjo steering wheel

I wanna marry her

Cabbage, percorino cheese and milk? Is anyone in Umbria lactose intolerant?

I love that 1952 Lancia Aurelia Coupe. Red like the color of the Propriera Sperino Rose.

Can anything nail all the aesthetic senses like the Mille Miglia? It's Italian. It's a race (sort of). Lots of beautiful cars. And bars. And restaurants. And Italian food. And Italian girls. Even a beautiful Italian cook book. It's an over saturation of style and fun. But they don't have a belt. Gotta have a belt. That lanyard would make a beautiful ribbon number with black leather bridle and red canvas backing ala The Leather Man. Maybe needlepoint?

When I'm thinking about the Mille Miglia it helps to have a chilled Italian Rose. This stuff is on sale ($16) at Moore Brothers (NJ, DE, NYC) and it's a lot like the Castello di Ama Rose...A big wine unlike a lot of rose that reminds me of Bud Lite. It'll stand up to a grilled steak and works great with an Italian glazed chicken.

So take the Brioni off and put the Puccini on. Crumble off a hunk of parmesan reggiano. A little crusty bread, olive oil and some prosciutto. I take a cold sip of Rose and dream of driving the Mille Miglia in a Lancia. Maybe change my name to Tony. Just to hear an Italian woman say, "Ciao, Tony! Buena fortuna!"


ELS said...

Is there lactose in cabbage? Whatever, I wish I had invented 'Banging 12 on my aesthetic meter.'

That's my new goal for the summer.

tintin said...

ELS- Sweetie, I don't want to pursue the topic of baked cabbage, milk and pecorino cheese too much...I'm just glad to see you back here.

I've been thinking 'aesthetic' is getting to be like patch madras. Over used. I'm looking for an alternative -- like batik.

Anonymous said...

"Ciao, Tony! Buena fortuna!" : )

I thought only about three people in the US even knew about Mille Miglia. I also should have thought you'd be one of them! Can't own those beautiful cars but I've seen some very cool vintage Mille Miglia posters...


tintin said...

DB- Stay tuned for tomorrow. Another racing event -- for a little bit of contrast. Thank you for the portfolio. Man, they look good.


(You and ADG need to stop maligning patchwork madras. This is a warning.)

No way I'll find this rose. I'll settle for rotgut chablis and grilled mussels.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

Absolute. Heaven.

Anonymous said...

you want to marry her? She's old, sunshine. looks like my mother.

tintin said...

I'm old, junior.

Some Assembly Required said...

I think it's "buona fortuna," Tony.

Anonymous said...


ersatz estheticism?

Y'all perfer bein' addressed as "sunshine", "ol' son" or "sport" as a (pseudo?)Brit condescension?

Ta'er SinJin Featheringstonehough VIII, OPIE

Murster said...

I have that book!
But like those collectors on the show American Pickers I want way too much money to let go of it!