12 April 2010

Canvas Barn Coat

In between an undecided Spring and a Summer not here.


Karena said...

It is so great to have those favorites we always go back to in our closet!

Art by Karena

JMW said...

Love barn coats. Glad to say that here in Kentucky, the weather is making way for spring/summer gear. Only a windbreaker this morning, then shorts in the afternoon. :)

ADG said...

My grandfather wore one every day. Except Sunday-when he put on a navy blue serge Hart-Schaffner-Marx suit and went to church.

tintin said...

Karena- Isn't it great when stuff comes out of the closet.

JMW- You going to Keeneland?

ADG- What is serge? I always thought it was some guy from Brazil.

Alice Olive said...

I love the light in the first shot but I can't really see the coat too well.

tintin said...

Alice- My attempt at art photography. It was just a shade past 7PM and the light through the window shutters hit the coat and I wanted to catch it. The light was gone in less than a minute.