20 April 2010

Life With My Camera

Casa Grande Ruins - AZ 1992

Smokers - Colorado Springs 1975

Barracks - Ft Bragg - 1977

Girlfriend - Hampton, VA 1973

Drill Team - Hampton, VA 1973

Reflectos - Colorado Springs 1975

Social Studies - Colorado Springs 1975

Ride Home - Colorado Springs 1975

Couple - Colorado Springs 1975

Sisters - Hampton, VA 1972

Move - Hampton, VA 1971

Caca Fuego - St Augustine, FL 1983

Pinky - St Johns County 1980

Roommate - Ft Bragg 1976

SSgt - Ft Bragg 1976

Statue of Liberty - NYC 1984

Army Women - Ft Bragg 1979

Best Friend and his Girl Friend - Ft Bragg 1979

Hawk - Ft Bragg 1979

Tretorn- Essex 1986

Hay Street - Fayetteville, NC 1977

Suzy Wong Club - Fayetteville, NC 1977


Foster Huntington said...

these are great. and here you are always go talking about how shitty of a photographer you are. shame on you,


I'm glad my den looks just like your folks' place in '72 minus the paisley wall hanging.

Girlfriend (Bragg/'72) looks surly and fun. I hope you're still in touch.

tintin said...

Foster- Thanks. I was going thru old negs and slides and a lot of this was never printed outside a contact sheet.

Stew- I'll need to make a correction. That was my best friend's gfriend. I asked her out, she turned me down and then he asked her out and she accepted. No longer in touch with her but am with him. I'd prefer it the other way around but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you had a portfolio! Some of these are brilliant: the super-saturated Statue of Liberty/pistol with blurred statue in background; the introspective Ft. Bragg roomate (jumping rope?); a disconcertingly composed picture of a disconcerting Colorado Springs couple; a nice classroom moment; and a US Monument ruins that can only be described as Garry Winogrand-esque with perhaps a little Joel Meyerowitz's Cape Cod thrown in. There are others, but these are my standout favorites.

You have it, stay elastic, keep shooting.


JMW said...

Love the Tretorn image. Yep, 1986, that's about right.

Belle de Ville said...

I love the super mod decor in the photo of the two sisters.

Kiki said...

phenomenal pictures. when i first saw the "Smokers" i thought i was looking at Leif Garrett. i love every shot so please post more.
take care.

Cathleen said...

These are great - you've always been you!

Foster Huntington said...

that statue of liberty shot is amazing.

Anonymous English Female said...

Beautiful! Same camera throughout or different aparatus?

Monsieur Legume said...

Super post. Art Polaroids before Art Polaroids were cool.

'Monsieur Legume' of Trailer Trad

DAG said...

These are great "life" shots. You certainly have an eye with the camera.

Paul said...

Tintin --- I love to thumb through a tub of old photos - and the thoughts of friends and good times roll back .. a wish to get back together - if only you could. That's what photography is for - memories that choke you up and make life real again.

Best wishes -- Paul

T-Bone said...

Are those the barracks on the north side of Butner Rd? Oh yeah, and fuck Fayetteville. I start clearing tomorrow. Thank God.

Monsieur Legume said...

ADG said it best. Great life shots from a truly interesting life! Keep up the good work.

Monsieur Legume of Trailer Trad

Alice Olive said...

Wow. How scientific or deliberate is this collection? I love it. (Especially the first shot.) Please post more!

tintin said...

DB- Thank you. It means a lot coming from you.

JMW- They were fresh outta the Talbots in Essex, CT.

Belle- Flokati Rug from the Submarine Fact't in Old Town Alexandria.

Kiki- I was shooting for the yearbook but they fired me. These were the smokers who hung out on a small hill over the student parking lot.

Cath- Always been me? I guess so.

Foster- Thanks. You didn't know I was a cop? Where you been?

Anon Eng Femme- From the beginning:
124 Instamatic Early 70's
110 Hays Street
Topcon Super RE Mid 70's
Yashica Electro 35 Army 70's
Olympus OM-1 80's

Legume- Polo what?

DAG- Shoot long enough you get lucky.

Paul- You're gettin me all misty.

T Bone- Those were very close to Pope. Are they still fuckin there?
You ETS'ing?

Mons Legume- ADG hasn't figured out how to take a lens cap off camera.

Alexandra said...

What school in Colorado Springs were those photos taken at? I'm from there myself and curious if I know any of the places.

red ticking said...

amazing.. i am from pueblo! what a small world...

Anonymous said...


vis a vis

Drowning Creek blackwater



longwing said...

Excellent. Great photos. Just when I was starting to get over my nostalgia bug.

heavy tweed jacket said...

I'm always the caboose on these comments. Living in a different time zone can be a drag. It's those Tretorns. They are bloody great.

La Maison Fou said...

Like the array of photos! I just did a post on gulls and jacks the other day.
Thanks for sharing;
I grew up in the 70's and it was a wonderful time. Miss the world the wat it was sometimes.

tintin said...

Alice- Thank you. I'll see what I can dig out of the archives this weekend.

Alexandra - WHS

Red Ticking- Was in Pueblo twice. Moving to Colo Spgs and leaving Colo Spgs. Homeless Army Brat. "I got no place to go..."

Tater- More like Gosnold's Hope Park, what?

LWing- You're missing your calling.

HTJ- I think she paid $20 for them. These'll be knocked off in time for SS/2011.

LMF- I do like to put on KC and the Sunshine Band and break out my Windmill dance moves while sweating in a 100% poly Nik Nik shirt. Oh, to be young again.

Anonymous said...

I love the Liberty shot with the scaffolding in the background! It brings back great memories.

tintin said...

Anon- Were you there with me? C'mon...dish up your initials.

T-Bone said...

tintin - Believe it or not, they are still there, though they're not used as barracks anymore. Bragg has transformed quite a bit, even in the short time I was there, but some of the "legacy" facilities are somehow still around. And yes, I'm ETSing. Two deployments in four years is enough for me, thanks very much.

TWJ said...

Great shots. I am assuming that you guys were near FT Monroe, I have been here all my life, (NN, VA). Only fifteen minutes away.

Those drill pictures look familiar, was that on base?


A Perfect Gray said...

oh my gosh! Tretorns! I had forgotten...

Daniel Moser said...

Love the photos. Love the sensibility. Have no idea who you are, but my wife is making me throw away some old Chemises Lacostes. Noticed they were made in France and was curious when they stopped making them there. Did some searching and came across your site. When I see some of your thrift shop finds it's like I'm looking in my own closet. Episcopal church basements--treasure troves of the best clothing you'll ever find. I miss the long tails on the old shirts, too! This may sound weird, but speaking as an old thrift shop hand I can tell you that mid-60s and earlier JCPenney stuff invariably has a cool look. I now live on Curacao, so not much need for anything other than the odd Lacoste, shorts and sandals.