30 April 2010

Off My Back: Pink & Green & Rose'

A unique pink & green

Maybe too unique

Not so great pattern matching

Best to hide it

Shetland Label

Shirt Label

My favorite label

The sister plaid to the Winter acorn. Again, made by Individualized Shirts and a fabric Wright & Simon owner, Len Simon claimed no one had ordered in donkey years. Picking shirt fabric from small swatches is a tricky (and expensive) business. It helps to select from bolts but we're not all hanging out on the second floor at Charvet.

I like the shirt but it reminds the Golf Foxtrot of something Eddie in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation would wear. "Clark, that's the gift that keeps on giving." Once again, Individualized came up short on the pattern matching. The front placket is off although not by much. Still, I'm hard pressed to find this problem with 'Made in China' shirts. I'm not talking sleeve to yoke matching. This is the front placket for Pete's sake.

Anyway, I hid it. Pretty darned well I think. These last few brisk days shuffled with occasional balmy afternoons require a wool sweater or two be left in the Spring closet. This pink Andover Shetland takes that plaid down a notch or two from Eddie's closet in the R.V. and puts the look square in Clark Griswold's realm. I always thought Sparky was a pretty good dresser.

There's been some grumbling about the MIA status of hooch around here on Fridays. To that end, here's a vintage Rose' from a wine maker who knows hand made from schmatta. The 1998 Vina Tondonia Rose' hails from a Spanish vineyard where wine is still made like it was in 1877. No chemicals, pesticides or machines. Harvesting? By hand. Racking? By hand. Barrel Making? By hand. I think $25 is a more than fair price for all that.

There's a fruit forward punch to this Rose' that'll knock you off your keister if you drink it too warm. This really needs to be chilled and kept that way so make your pours small. Nice with some almonds and olives on a Saturday afternoon. Even better with a marinated flank steak and red skin potatoes roasted with garlic and rosemary. Hell, who cares about pattern matching - - just get me to the weekend.


longwing said...

bitchin sweater. how old and does it have a saddle shoulder? I've got some 4 year olds andover's with the saddle and a 3 year old without. I think they change their sources as often as Press does.

Re the shirt, I kind of like it. Great under the sweater.

Sean said...

Wine made like it was in 1877? With somebody's feet?

Anonymous said...

The gentleman in the video was somewhat emphatic regarding the use of a non fused collar. I just wish it was that easy to locate one. I called J. Press customer service yesterday. Their collars are fused.

I am with you on the old way of winemaking. That is why I am impartial to domestic wines. You have good taste Sir. That is rare these days.

Anonymous said...

The shirt if fine. In fact, it looks fantastic. You need a different sweater, though, to go with it.

Anonymous said...

The sweater and shirt work just fine. Having said that, I've never been big on pattern matching, or, at least, color matching. I know a man whose wife picks out his daily "wardrobe" for him, with sometimes disastrous results (albeit probably just in my eyes). She'll pair a strong colored plaid overshirt to a t-shirt with nearly the exact same tone just like a woman would for herself, as in a sweater set. Most men, I think, would never do that on their own, instead going for contrast, or perhaps, dark on dark. Otherwise, subtle or small area matching work best. Am I wrong?

But hey, that whole "marinated flank steak and red skin potatoes roasted with garlic and rosemary" thing paired with your Spanish Rose? Great job. Gimme that. NOW!


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Lovely shirt. I think it looks quite nice.

Clinton said...

Is it an optical illusion or is the buttonhole in the third photo not centered on the placket? It might be the pattern playing tricks on me, but it looks offset to the right...

tintin said...

Wing- It's from last year so no saddle. I don't see a bridle either.

Sean- Not this but there's a Sicilian wine available where they do use feet.

Anon 11:56 Hard to find non-fused today without going MTM or custom. As far as good taste is concerned -- Stick around for a while...I'm sure to let you down. I have most everyone else.

Anon 13:23- What do you suggest?

DB- I have to wait til next week to grill. You, on the other hand...

LBT- It looks good with a long board.

Clinton - It has been packed away. You'll have to wait until Fall to find out.

Karena said...

I really love the shirt even with the same sweater combination. Dinner sounds great with that luscious wine.

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