18 March 2010

"Your" Caswell - Massey

Script from 1873


This chest found in wall of Lexingon Store

An Army Jock Strap

Poison found in chest

A possible replica but still beautiful

Not a replica

Casma is a scent coming back in limited release for this Mother's Day

I have no idea

My favorite red head

Toilet Powder - Sounds better than Talc

I have no idea

A shaving mug

First off, and let me just say this, I love learning about companies and what they make. It's a big part of my other job that pays me. I always run into two types of companies. Those whose employees call what they make, "product." And those who call what they make by "name." At no time did anyone at Caswell - Massey refer to a soap or cologne by that horrid MBA speak, "product."

That's my first clue that the people I'm talking to are passionate about what they're doing. I guess it's easy to be passionate about working for a company that precedes the founding of our country by 25 years. 31 years if you only recognise the 1783 Treaty of Paris. Talk about your reputation preceding you.

History is a wonderful thing in anything. It gives us some soul in a world chock full of things that are never what they appear to be. And when you find something that's authentic - hold on to it. Doesn't matter whether it's stuff or people. Either is hard to come by.

Caswell - Massey's landlord, the Intercontinental Hotel, doesn't know much about soul. Check out time for the 84 year old tenant is April 3rd. I swear, I thought only Chicago was this cold when it came to real estate. The store at Lex is offering 25% off (excluding luxury items) if you leave them your email address.

The new store opens up in the old Limelight (6th Ave & 20th St) Club on April 23rd. I don't have fond memories of that club nor do I think it the appropriate place for Caswell - Massey. But unless the store receives National Landmark Status between now and April 3rd...there's not a whole lot that can be done except to exhale a deep sigh, shake our heads and wish for the financial collapse of a certain hotel chain.

These photos were taken at the Edison, NJ warehouse. Everything you see came out of the Lexington store. I'll post other pictures that will follow this post of the Lex location in case you can't make it to NY before the closing.


Kellie Woodward said...

I find your statement "History is a wonderful thing", "It gives us some soul", "Authentic" very poignent words in my life at this very moment. How do you find words to justify buying a historic house to a logistic money minded person.

tintin said...

Kellie- CFO's Comptrollers, CPAs, etc live in new construction. Usually something with an insane amount of square footage on a lot the size of a postage stamp.

Poets, authors, drunks and lawyers are usually horrible with money but love old and small cottages or apartments where the doors are solid, the fireplace works and the only sound you ever hear through the walls is a neighbor's piano.

You can't put a dollar amount on that.

NCJack said...

I'm guessing the IRS stamp was some sort of Prohibition "okay" to have a large amount of alcohol on premises

Anonymous said...

I have stayed at that hotel a number of times and I loved being able to duck into the Caswell-Massey shop directly through the lobby. Sorry to hear that they've lost their lease.

Brummagem Joe said...

tintin: interesting distinction between companies who sell a "product" and those that sell something with a name that they make and very often literally love (even when it's a love hate relationship). I've worked in both and the difference is amazing.

I'd also generally agree with your comments about housing, living as I do in an ancient dwelling with a never ending stream of visitors with drills, saws and paintbrushes.

Anonymous said...

that's an old epsicopal church (the limelight. Weird place for massey. close to ...what?? maybe they figure bigelow does a trade down the street and there 'll be some overflow? don't know.
A shame massey could not keep afloat there - funny with all this 'retro' stuff. wouldn't reopening the soda fountain be just the thing?

Well i hope it doesn't go 'abercrombie' on us.

ADG said...

Titin...I hate to be so negative but the tide of indifference is now so strong that every commercial-one off-independent-unique-patinated entity will much sooner-rather than later-be paved over by global progress. Sad.