19 March 2010

A Man's Movie: Reggie Perrin

Actually a BBC television series from the 70's. This entire series was sent to me by my father on VHS sometime in the early 90's. And like the old man it's a little outta the box. But to see a man (Reggie) lose all regard for his position and tell the world what he really thinks... it reminds me of my father and how his honesty means more to me with every passing year.

The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrine is an intelligent comedy about the BS of corporate life. The frustration of a daily commute. And a fatigue with what we have. Until we lose it. And fight to get it all back. I suggest a good viewing if you're thinking of divorce.


Brummagem Joe said...

tintin: brave of you. Perrin was one of those out of the box productions at which the Brits excel but depends a lot on language that is sometimes a bit indecipherable to Americans. You only need to compare the Brit and US versions of The Office (which deals with similar themes to Perrin) to see what I mean. The BS of corporate life is a never ending source comedy but fundamentally I think the Brits are much more cynical about it, as they are about many things.

Toby Wollin said...

My husband and I got to see Reggie Perrin in the early 80s on our local PBS and then later on we bought it for home viewing. Leonard Rossiter was a gem.

Giuseppe said...

Papist Rapists?!?!?

That made my day.

Anonymous said...

Indebted to you for introducing me to this gem.

Unknown said...

An all time great! One of the greatest theme songs and (opening scenes) ever! Long live Reggie P!