11 March 2010

Caswell - Massey: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

A three part series next week (T, W & TH) on the history of Caswell - Massey, the closing of the NYC store on Lexington and the future of one of America's oldest companies.


M.Lane said...

That forshadows HORRID news. I love that Lex ave store and I go there every time I am in town to buy something. No longer it seems.


tintin said...

M Lane- Not horrid at all except for the Lex closing. A new location in NY but if you want to see the old Lex store (there since 1926) you better hoof it to Lex and 48th riki tik.

heavy tweed jacket said...

You had me frightened for a moment...I thought, "Here we go again..."

Anonymous said...

I have been wearing no. 6 since i was 20!

I have always wondered when C-M was going to be 'Abercrombied'

where is the new one opening?