26 March 2010

Off My Back: Turnbull & Asser

1990. Lloyd's of London. Mind the gap. Covert coats. Hermes ties. "only old men wear contrasting collars, mate."

Watery coffee and digestive biscuits. "Did he put a line down?" Slip cases. Black cap toes. DB suits. Side vents. Standing on an air conditioning vent. Blue waiter great coats in a sea of grey and navy suits.

Smoking by the lav. Lunch at Ball Brothers. G&T. A starter. A pudding. A Packet of B&H Golds and Triple X mints. Walking back. Steel taps on concrete. Brollies. Your bits and pieces. Office drinks at the Lamb. Can't figure out the pay phone. Are they all on drugs? Hard to say.

Look (listen) for Paul Whitehouse (Ron Manager) as the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland


Anonymous said...

Those are nice Turnbulls. What is the standard sleeve length? I never get the same answer twice from the salesperson.

tintin said...

Anon- Only one sleeve length per neck size. They get longer as the neck size goes up.

Belle de Ville said...

And what man doesn't love a little classic british T&A...

Mr Brown said...

T&A isnt for packet shirts anyway.

Either way it's owned by Mo's brother; don't know why CW still pops in.

Ps. 1990 - pay phone?? Tut tut.

Unknown said...



Whitehouse's latest thing - Brilliance.

And from the same series, if you're still feeling reminiscent:


ADG said...

All that ....and a Fiat X1-9 waiting on you back home. Life's rich ain't it. Not many men have experienced all of this as well as a night at the Holiday Inn-1-95 in Florence with a two drink maximum in Reflections Lounge-prepaid by dad while the X1-9 gets repaired. Damn.

LFG wants to have lunch this coming Wednesday with "the man that worked at the Statue of Liberty". Let us know if you'll be in Gotham.

red ticking said...

turnball makes the best shirts... we dont see many of them here in seattle.... love your blog... very happy to have found you...

tintin said...

Belle- Better than Mayfair magazine.

Mr Brown- The pay phone at the Lamb was something out of Moscow circa 1976. Same with packet shirts. Does Wales still go to T&A?

b- The man's a genius.

ADG- I'm never telling you another X1/9 story.

red ticking- Thank you. I don't get many readers from the west coast. Or the east coast for that matter.