29 March 2010

1950's Chicks: Models

Fashion's Folly was published in 1954 by Leslie Lieber and Toni Miller. The authors of this book, "devoted themselves with modest restraint to the gentle pricking of the pearl encrusted balloon of High Fashion." Hence, their charming captions for these photos shot by Carl Perutz. I'm betting my readers have some of their own captions. Feel free to leave any restraint behind.

"Okay, c'mon -- but I tell you I'm not ticklish.

"I don't care how many degrees you have, doctor. Your couch is too short!"

"I figure if Gussie Moran can do it..."

"Nobody leaves until the dishes are done!"

"Did I object when you brought home those goldfish?"

"I'm terribly sorry about your rug, darling!"

"I can't understand why the Salvation Army band couldn't use me."
"Hey, Joe! Is this where you want me to load it?"

"Jaguars - Jaguars...that's all he ever sends me!"

"Poor George! He fell overboard and can't swim a stroke!"
Tomorrow: 1960's Chicks: UNC 1968


Family Man said...

In the second shot, that woman with the surgically-removed waist is actually pretty sexy--except for the Ice Queen gaze on her countenance.

Best captions: woman with little dog, and the last one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting women's clothing tintin - I just read a book on Christian Dior and it is full of photos like this (without the funny captions) - I just LOVE this era! THanks. DMW

Belle de Ville said...

Very cute.

Richard M said...

Ice queens ARE sexy!

tintin said...

Family Man- I think the "dishes" would make a nice poster. I wonder who owns the rights?

DMW- Hey! I knew you would. It's gonna be a chick week.

Belle- It's a week dedicated to the most sophisticated and erudite people I know...women.

Julia said...

Baby doll pajamas and a tennis racket? This week is gonna be fun . . .

Anonymous said...

Seriously, these models must be living off of Tab and nicotine! ME

Anonymous said...

#2: Daaahling, one fears one's esscentual(sic) pheromonal allure is being adversely affected by one's daily Garlique. Give it a little sniffypoo, prettyplease, passionpoo.


Anonymous said...

Of course, my favorite decade. Somehow, with those captions I actually pay attention to the fashion. Go figure.

Number 1 is my favorite. Men are always getting scolded, even if it's done mentally.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Beautiful, steely, sophisticated, elegant women just begging to dominate...or is that, to be dominated?

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

He can bring me a jag everyday, I'd never complain!

Family Man said...


I never said Ice Queens weren't sexy. In fact, I said the opposite.

But man! Try having a relationship with one!

I'll stick with my wife, who is much warmer than any Ice Queen.

Alice Olive said...

Haughty elegant chic. Love it. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

sloppy airbrush work in #8-look at her big toes!

Mad Men Girl said...

Hysterical poses, and the captions are great, too! Can't deny the pull of the past, though - glamour rocks.


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