16 October 2009

Friday Belt - A Suspended Norteamericano

Playboy's New Host & Bar Book 1971

Norteamericano Braces

Norteamericano Cocktail

I have an old Bar Book of cocktail recipes that is either gonna break me or bury me. I mean really...who needs 10 bottles of bitters. But when a recipe calls for simple syrup... I move on. I don't care how simple it is - - I'm not cooking sugar. I suppose that doesn't make me a good barman.

What I am getting a feel for are the simple concoctions I've never heard of. Take the 'Norteamericano.' The recipe is up there. Tequila and Manzanilla Sherry stirred (I haven't tried shaking it yet) and served in a Martini glass with an olive. Now, I do have a favorite olive but for this drink I recommend a big green olive with the stem still attached. We've covered Manzanilla before but I've never mixed it. Sure as hell not with Tequila - - I'm a fan.

There's a 'dryness' best compared to gin but with a rounded depth - - not nearly as sharp but with a very long finish. Probably the Manzanilla doing it's job. The measurements up there will give you a small puddle in today's oversized Martini glass but that's okay. Keep it small because you don't want this drink getting warm on you.

Old Bar Books and Braces. I couldn't kick my ass outta 1986 if I tried. I still wear them. I heard someone opine that a man should match his shoe color to the leather tabs of his braces. The tabs on these braces are grey. I always wondered where a man could find grey shoes ... other than Philadelphia. Never believe people who tell you what to wear. Including me. These are Trafalgar braces. Purchased at Paul Stuart. I've mentioned before Paul Stuart cuts the Trafalgar tag off the braces they sell. I'm surprised Trafalgar lets them do it.

I still love them. Almost like wearing art. And best kept under the jacket. Nothing worse than a man showing off his braces. Norteamericano or not. The president of the local PBS station here in NYC shows off his braces ala Larry King. Never ask me to contribute money if you're wearing braces without a suit jacket. It sends a very bad message. But if I'm on my third Norteamericano -- it really doesn't matter.


Blue said...

This evenings cocktail - thank you.

L.A.S said...

I'd probablly get a few of these just so I could say the name..."Norteamericano" sounds like something you'd say on a Friday.

J.P. said...

Oh man-- I almost bought a pair of those braces on ebay the other day, but I got outbid.

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

playboy is for faggots.
only a closet fag would degrade women in such a manner.

DAM said...

I wait anxiously each week for this post...

Anonymous said...

I suffered from a similar block when it came to simple syrup until I discovered Petite Canne Syrup. No cooking required and it adds a unique element to the right cocktails (perfect in place of the sugar cube in a Sazerac):


Easy and Elegant Life said...

With you on the simple syrup. It's a mess. These sound delicious.

You inspired me to reach for a pair of braces today. I, too, am stuck in '86.

GSV JR said...

"Building" a simple syrup is simple; it's not like cooking cassoulet.

And you can't assemble a Mint Julep without simple syrup, which means you're missing out on one of the South's three great contributions to the rest of the world.

M.Lane said...

Cool cocktail, I'll try one. Or two. My problem is that I'm stuck in 1926. I love the notion of braces but always felt that they were located in the wrong place [too far out or too far in] when I wore them. My Flusser book arrived yesterday [thank you!] and now I have expert advice in that regard.


Anonymous said...

Victorian Dance Hall

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats an extra dry gin martini with olives. And it has to be neat!

Anonymous said...

Tintin - completely off subject, old boy, but wth happened to the Maxminimus blog?

tintin said...

Blue- Let me know how you liked it.

LAS- They're not gonna know what you're talking about but you can always educate.

JP What did they go for?

Anon 10:44- I always wonder where comments like these come from...and then I see the IP address is that Brass Bed place again. By the way, you need to update that blog.

DAM- I like your blog and take your words as a real compliment. I really appreciate it.

Anon 10:53- I'll give it a try. If for no other reason than the label.

Easy- Check out the link to the sugar cane syrup. I'm gonna try it out. It'll piss Stew off but what the heck.

Stew- Screw it - - I'm buying it. By the way, what are the other two?

M Lane- It's a great book. I know you'll enjoy it. I have a call into Cathy for a table.

Anon- Working on a recipe for my own cocktail. You'll be pleased to know I've named it, The Victorian Dance Hall, in your honor. It will be aloof and intrusive at the same time.

Anon 19:40- And cold.

Anon 20:04- He's back. I'll let him tell you.