17 July 2009

Friday Belts - Signal Flags and Manzanila

Manzanilla Sherry - Taste the sea

Signal Flag Belt - - Ms Paltrow is a fan

Summer's almost over and so is this bottle of Manzanilla Sherry. Manzanilla is a dry, white Sherry served ice cold (no ice) and I swear it tastes like the ocean. Briny and clean with a distinct taste that you're either gonna love or hate. Kind'a like me. But it's affordable, unlike me, and well worth the gamble. Try it with green olives, cured meats and my favorite...raw oysters. Hard to find but worth the hunt. Just make sure it's the Manzanilla. I like to listen to Christopher Parkening doing Segovia and pretend I'm in Spain hitting on Gwyneth Paltrow - -in front of Batali in his Crocs.

The belt? You may have seen it in the past. I scanned it. Awful image. I like this one much more. J. McLaughlin needlepoint with lots of detail and better than most of what's being cranked out in Vietnam and sold under preppy names here. I like to wear it when I'm drinking Manzanilla and pretending I'm hitting on Gwyneth.


Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on the vastly underestimated value of Spanish sherries. I didn't know you were a tapas aficionado, but it makes sense.

Not so sure about the belt, though. As someone who grew up on the coast I find signal flags as design element somewhat off-putting, unless their flown on ocean liners.

FWIW, shouldn't you be imagining you're in Spain hitting on Paz Vega?


tintin said...

DB- Will post a portrait of a woman who is the picture of Spain this weekend. And she's of that certain age. Paz is way too young for me. Although, she seemed like the gal to do Spain with. Didn't care too much about eating animals. I guess when your Papa was a bullfighter the idea of being a vegan is pretty silly.

Anonymous said...

Too young? She's 33. Who are you going to post a picture of, a Sevillian grandmother?

The Blushing Hostess said...

I am not touching the age remarks for obvious reasons - she is my contemporary, duh. H/e, will intimate to you that I had dinner next to her one evening in Westchester where our families both linger and it was appauling. So, bring a manners text with you on your next imaginary conquest, concentrate on the "civility" and "tact" chapters.

Secondly, thank you for this insight into your quiet evenings at home.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...Tinnie wuvs Gwynnie. So sweet. Too bad Mario has already filled her "one fat friend" quota. Might wanna ditch the three-a-day pork regimen and try a different approach. Just a thought. Wishing you much success in your pursuit of the ice queen.

tintin said...

Anon 17:41- Age is relative and 33 is young...at least in my book. You sound like you may be 12.

Blushing- I am not a GP fan. Just trying to be a smart ass and it failed as the comment following yours so clearly proves.

Anon 15:07- Be assured that Tinnie can live without Paltrow but Tinnie cannot live without pork.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on.

Have you looked at GOOP?

(Go sniffing after that and you'll wake up Rin Tin Tin!)

Zingiber said...

I got this belt after seeing your original post. Love it. They've expanded onto the Main Line now, had a booth at the Devon Horse Show.

tintin said...

That's great. The J Mac belts have a real quality about them I haven't seen on the others. Odd that they haven't been on the Main Line for years.