30 October 2009

The Friday Belt: CDP For The Thrifty

Giuseppe over at An Affordable Wardrobe has always offered up some great advice on thrifting. And for a guy who likes to break the 'rules' he always has an opinion about my glasses and my beer. No sweat. The most interesting people are full of contradictions.

And while I like a good Chateaneuf Du Pape (CDP) as much as the next guy - - I find it does not pair well with pork rinds. Better a Puligny Montrachet.

CDP does pair well with steak au poivre and last night my nephew treated me to both at La Veau d'Or. I love an elegant Burgundy. I love a big Bordeaux. But they're best consumed at home where you can afford them. The Golf Foxtrot and I stopped in a favorite wine bar last month and I was shocked to see my favorite Rose going for $55.00 a bottle while it retails for $15. I understand a profit but that ain't right. So, when I'm in a restaurant I go straight to the Rhone.

You cannot get a better value and more bang for your buck than a good Rhone. That bottle up there is really two. A magnum is always fun for a 4 person dinner but it can also be a deal. Usually selling for less than two standard bottles and for me...wine out of a large format bottle just seems to taste better. The Chante Cigale is easily found but that belt is another story.

My first thrift was a tuxedo somewhere on the Main Line outside of Philadelphia. As a poor park ranger with an invitation to a black tie party it seemed like the logical thing to do. I skipped the patent leather slippers and wore black calf tassel loafers - - like almost every other straight guy at the party. I don't know anything about the maker of this belt but for a thrift store find I was happy with it. Giuseppe might have an issue with the price -- as I did -- but I'm desperate for more belts. Not booze, Giuseppe. Just belts.


james at 10engines said...

cote de rhone, saxophone. first stop on friday.

Tin-Tin's phred/dad said...

I came, I saw, I shopped.

The Blushing Hostess said...

Me. I could use more contradictions. As you know, I like to keep a few around.

Giuseppe said...

You could do worse than pay $23 for what appears to be a nice piece of Italian leather.

As someone in the business of shilling wine, let me say that I agree wholeheartedly with your percaption of Burgundy/Bordeaux/Rhone reds. I've got a feeling you and I probably gulp down a lot of the same grape juice.

And thanks for that crack about contradiction...it's a huge compliment coming from the likes of you.

M.Lane said...

Rhones are my favorites and CDP the king of them all..I hope they have a bottle just like this at Le Veau come December...If so, I may drink one.


tintin said...

james- 1st stop is the Firday belt or a Cote de Rhone?

Dad, I'd steal it but a magnum in my pants looks outta place.

blushing- I know. I know.

Peppe- Anytime.

M Lane- Their CDP offering is $45. You can always order two.