05 October 2009

National Park Service - Parting Shots

Ellis Island New Immigration Building

Ellis Island The Liberty II Work Boat from New Immigration Building

Ellis Island My Mouton on top of New Immigration

Ellis Island The Great Hall
Most of these were taken using my Olympus OM-1 with Kodachrome. Although, I was known to bum a Canon F-1 every now and then. My parting shots to a week of Park Service memories.


Kim said...

Those are gorgeous pictures. I haven't been to Ellis Island for years, but need to plan a trip soon. My grandma went through Ellis Island when she was 8 years old and just died a couple of months ago at the age of 93. She never saw New York or Germany again. Hard to imagine the courage it took to load up your family and leave your home forever.

Julia said...

Aurevoir NPS - I enjoyed the week and learned a lot.

If I taught a secondary school history class, I would try to include these posts with my lesson. Maybe not the Schlitz part, but definitely the parts about the uniforms and housing.

M.Lane said...

What a fantastic series of posts! Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Nice images. Profound experience.

I can picture you wearing that Mouton fur hat, warming your hands around a cup of coffee, gazing over the water and readying your day.


tintin said...

MOR- I haven't been back since 1992. I'm with you. Gotta go back. My great grandfather from Norway came thru Ellis. The family story was his sir name was changed to the town he was from because of a mistake. I learned he changed it, like many Norwegians did, due to the huge number of common sir names like, Fredrickson, Gunderson, Erikson. The best part of working at Ellis then was having this place to myself. Being alone in the Great Hall was pretty amazing.

Cathleen- That's a real compliment. Thank you.

M Lane- Your book goes out today!

DB - There was no heat on Ellis so it was bitter cold. And it was wet cold. So I drank coffee through out the day. Eight cups or so. I was wired all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been able to view/comment on your blog lately. Apparently, Comcast has decided I am not allowed to view any blogs. For no reason whatsoever. Weird. So today is my lucky day, I can read your blog. I finally watched "I Like Killing Flies" last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommendation. D