19 September 2013

MY FW: Runway Music

It is a well known fact, mostly among my oldest and dearest friends,  that I'm a klutz. My mother has warned me that I burned through nine lives many years ago. Sgt. Murphy told me I could fuck up an anvil with a rotten banana. I also have the attention span of a wire fox terrier on a triple espresso. And I love to dance. Usually by myself. Listening to a you tube video on a iPhone while dancing and walking down stairs is probably not a good idea... for anybody -- much less a klutz with a short attention span who is over 50 years old.

I'll spare you the details -- Anyway, while the drugs are outstanding, I'm unable to sit for more than 20 minutes but am looking forward to working with my physical therapist Eileen -- who told me I could always remember her name thanks to that song in the '80s. Posts for the next couple weeks will be short bursts with a patina of prescribed pain medication.

Here's a burst of what I was listening to when I took the spill. It's impossible to find a CD from the Doris Days, a little Swedish trio from the '90s, but when I listen to Jumbo Jet on You Tube, I know it would make for incredible runway music. Bouncy & catchy as all get out and amazingly obscure... I'm betting only two people in Williamsburg ever heard of 'em. But you can...so unbuckle your double monks, make yourself a Rye Manhattan and just try not to dance by yourself on the stairs.


LPC said...

Very sincerely wishing you a speedy recovery.

Makaga said...

Yikes! I hope you are okay.
Anything broken, or just bruised and tweaked?

This is a catchy tune, btw.

Scale Worm said...

I am so sorry that you fell and were hurt, AND congrats on the meds!

Stair dancing is a blast but OUCH!

I don't know this group, but Thank you (I just got the pixies new 10" WooHoo)!

M.Lane said...

I'm sorry you fell but I'm also glad it didn't turn out worse. Stairs are nothing to be trifled with. Take care.


Anonymous said...

What a post! Didn't see that coming. That line from the song, "fell down from the sky" pretty much says it all.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Tintin. At least in time for the holidays cocktail season. Maybe music (or a Doris Day movie) while pedaling a stationary bike? Works for me.


PW said...

Who would have thunk it? A middle aged Manhattanite offering tips on obscure Swedish pop to a middle aged Swede in Florida. Not that it always helps being Swedish to have a decent grasp on any kind of music coming out of my small and cold country, but it can't hurt. Lycka till med din terapi!

Penny Lisk said...

As a camp counselor, I was forbidden to dive into the shallow end of the pool. I had been trained in the old fashioned racing dives, but followed camp procedure as instructed. I jumped into five feet of water and busted my tail bone. No more sitting cross-believed on the floor with five year olds, so not a total loss, but it took quite a while to feel normal....hope you feel better soon.