30 July 2010

Get Grahame Fowler

Get it?

I want it.

Grahame's Sub (nfs). Benrus Military 1972 and 1978 ($2k & $1,800)

The dog gets it.

I get it.

Get some?

Only place to get Trickers in NYC

If you don't get this...

...you don't get these.

Get shirts. On sale.

J Crew gets it. Turns it into a beach towel for people who don't get it.

How do I get it?

Chuka & Grahame- Out of focus but edgy. I know they get it.

Already got some

$15,000 will get it.

Get your fourth point of contact to 138 W 10th St in the Village. You should have to pay admission. Unless you show proof of getting it. If you dig the Tommy, Ralph and Mickey show - best to stay away. If you're fluent in authentic. You're gonna be very happy here. There's even a sale going on.

When a designer slaps the 3rd Infantry Regiment patch on a pair of cargo shorts - - you can rest assured they don't get it. Even though they have a legal department that should. A legal department whose motto should read, "Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission."

You will find no apologies here. This is home to a soul shaking realness that - today - few seem to understand. It reeks of an intelligence, wit and sophistication that will, if you're brave enough to enter, change how you look at clothing and perhaps yourself.

The expression, "He's all hat and no horse" is apt for those who think nothing of slapping badges and patches on themselves. That they didn't earn it isn't nearly as bad as, they don't even know what it is. It's a sad commentary about today but I beg you to stop by and see Grahame's shop. If for nothing else - to offer us all hope in the face of this.


ADG said...

That's a lot of shit to get.

Anonymous said...

When dealing with RL, it is best to avoid anything logo-ed or with graphics. If you follow that rule, there is a modest chance you'll wind up with something decent.

TH's faux-RL schtick i, indeed, quite painful to watch.

Trailer Trad said...

That's the most useful application of a Venn diagram that I've ever seen.

C.Sharp said...

Those Bow ties look good. Any info about them?

Anonymous said...

I get it, and if I send you the cash will you 'get' the RAF tie for me, mine is threadbare.

An Englishman in Africa
(Today in a kilt giving away my true ethnic origins to those others that 'get it')

Main Line Sportsman said...

I'd be slobering at the watch display...loitering and hyperventalating...they'd have to ask me to leave.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post: I've been turning over "Authenticity" in my head for a while. This is a great post to add to the discussion and contemplation.

Odd, I have two vintage Benrus watches (tank-style, dressy) and can find almost nothing out about the brand. Pleasant surprise.

By the way, if you like Venn diagrams and other graphic displays of information (with some humor), take a look at this blog:



Bill Smith said...

The watches (Benrus Diver and Rolex Sub) are leaving me drooling.


Pigtown*Design said...

I can't afford any of the watches, but just scored a load of new BB grosgrain watchbands at a yardsale!

Sue said...

I am in the very confussed catagory but love your blog!

Enzo AGC said...

Glad you continue to spread the word on GGF - Considerably cooler than RRL.

Headed to Stockholm again for a week tonight. Anything you need?

Anonymous said...

Greatness. In Texas the saying goes "All hat and no cattle." Either way, I get it.

Ben said...

I've never had more of an urge to book a flight to NYC than after viewing these pics. Why don't they have shops like this in Honolulu?

Nevermind the Subs, I love those vintage Omega Seamasters.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear; so tiring, but do keep trying - I enjoyed the Fort Monroe post, but didn't get the joke. Keep up, old chap.


brohammas said...

I love tartans and regimental logos, but having never been in the military I don't feel comfortable sporting a patch, and my family's is the only tartan I sport.

I don't even feel comfortable wearing a hat or t shirt with the logo of a school I didn't attend, or a team I never played on.

That being said, I'm sure I don't get it, but I would like too, just as much as I would like to afford one of those watches.

brian said...

I see nothing in this man's shop that's unusual. Lambrettas, military watches... it's the same crap everybody raves about on their style blogs. And why the comparison to RL? Ralph runs a massive international business; this guy's holding a garage sale

Speedmaster said...

Lots of good stuff in there! ;-)

The Blushing Hostess said...

So fucking good it ridiculous, Trad. And you are right, unless you got'em, it should be illegal to get'em.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll like this one:


Main Line Sportsman said...

Yet another tip of the hat...for mention of your Blog in the Esquire special edition.

Chris said...

Tin Tin - thanks for the intro to this place. I stopped by on Saturday with my "golf foxtrot" and had the pleasure of meeting Chuka. Great guy with a passion for old school Levi's and Lees. Not my bag, but very interesting to hear about.

I picked up a Racing Green Harrington jacket, on sale. Was tempted by the pants...but had some issues getting the 33's to cooperate.

Great store.

Karena said...

Trad, I think I get it!! Love your post, as all of them!

Art by Karena

laughtrack said...

the brits would have some rightful 'don't get it' cred about those rep ties.

then again, we've been at it so long it might as well be ours... like the tune of our anthem.

all for the "get it, but realize there's nothing to get" overlap.

Anonymous said...

15k is pretty steep for a Lambretta.

Anonymous said...

I'll never be able to get that Lambretta, but I "got it" when I was about 10, because - I don't care what anyone tells you - scooters are all about the sex appeal.


Brooks said...

Man, I want a pair of black Trickers longwings so bad I can taste it! If that is what I see in the photos, then I am booking a flight from Atlanta tomorrow! Great blog.