14 February 2012

Happy M Day

"M" Magazine Volume One, Number One

I once gave a stripper a Whitman's Sampler for Valentine's Day. She was on the stage and on the pole but slid down with a huge grin when I held my offering over a front row of thugs with a dollar to stuff in her fluorescent green panties. I was 19 - and can say with confidence - it was my most successful Valentine's Day ever.

I've managed to screw the rest up. Mostly out of a belligerent disdain for mendacious 'Greeting Card' holidays. One of my middle aged (32) missteps involved a Victoria Secret white Teddy. She complained the fabric was itchy. I happily answered it wouldn't be on that long. She suggested the gift was for me and not her.

So, I give you something not so itchy but very selfish... the first issue of "M" Magazine. I had hoped to make an announcement today about my true love, "M" but it didn't happen. I think it might be payback for all those "V" Days I blew. But something is coming soon and it does not involve my wearing a white Teddy.


HGB said...

What a great magazine M was...loved it back in the day. Volume 1 number1 is one of my treasured possessions. Have several others and would like to have them all, although the quality did taper off if I remember....

Anonymous said...

Prince Philip on the cover? Dear God.



Tempest in a Pink Teacup said...

Happy Valentine's Day, anyway.

Trailer Trad said...

Just finished looking over the Esquire featuring the article "79 Things that We Can All Agree On."

After throwing it in the trash, I concluded that we all can agree that it is no M Magazine.

Alice Olive said...

So thoughtful and hygenic of you not give us an itch. Looking forward to whatever is being announced soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting another copy of M. I always enjoy taking a look at it. Looking forward to more, maybe something else by Robert Bryan?

Trailer Trad:
I agree with you. Esquire and similar publications are junk these days.