06 April 2011

Startin' With Tartan

VW Tartans
Stewart Index of Tartans

Tartan Rights

Cop Tartans

Drink Tartans

Alice Olive Tartans

State Tartans

Army Buddy Tartans

Leave me the F**K Alone Tartans
America & Tartans

Today's Tartans
Happy Tartan Day (click images to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

The Sillitoe tartan bears a resemblance to gingham, eh?


Zach said...

Ok, that tie in the 12th picture, tell us about it.

Makaga said...

Thanks for the posting!
Does anyone know any tartan fabric supply houses in NYC?
I want to get a pair of pants made and can't seem to find the tartan I'd like.

Alice Olive said...

(Is there more than one Alice Olive out there?)

Good call, a fabulous shoe is where I'd be likely to do a tartan. Couldn't wear tartan - would clash with my freckles.

Anonymous said...

How can the Jimmy Choos not be symmetrical? Note the red dot on the right toe and it's not on the left toe--that would drive most people crazy. For Miss Olive I cannot speak.

Brohammas said...

I know purple is a royal color and knowing how highlanders felt about royalty, I wonder what sin my ancestors committed to bless me with a purple family tartan?
I've been to the tartan museum in the Carolina highlands... creepiest manequins I've ever seen.

Unclelooney said...

I'm a native Iowan. Plaid is my favorite color.

Oyster Guy said...

I beg your pardon, Your Royal Haawwtness, but have you considered how many massively freckled red-heads wear tartans in Scotland and Ireland to great effect? I refute the very idea of a clash...(the mind races at the thought of Viyella and something about log cabins)....

tintin said...

Hilton- It is and the book mentioned that.

Zach- I wrote you a post.

Makaga- B&J. Also Paron has about eight or so just to the left when you walk in. Can't vouch for the quality.

Alice- Come on. Freckles and Black Watch are my favorite color scheme.

Joseph- They look pretty darned good to me. Better on Alice.

Bro- I saw some photos of the NC museum and you nailed it. Wierd stuff and begging for a post.

unclelooney- I have some funny stories about Webster City.

Oyster Guy- A hunter sees a beautiful woman getting undressed in a log cabin. Imagine her taking off a Stewart tartan Viyella...He runs to the cabin, kicks open the door and asks, "Are you game?" She smiles and says, "Sure." So he shot her.

tintin said...

Jospeh- Saw it on the tip. Good eye.

Alice Olive said...

Tintin: I have a hard time with patterns and freckles. I was born with a pattern. Therefore, I limit what I add. That's why I prefer my jewelry to be simple, without sparkle (stones). I don't like sparkle, I have 'speckle'.

Scale Worm said...

I am a Campbell, But... I didn't do it (I was too young {by a few centuries}).
I DIG Tartans... very manly and skull-crusher-kick-ass cool!