08 April 2011

Ain't You Come A Long Way...


Oyster Guy said...

Very very sweet baby pic but really, only The Trad DNA could have produced a such a photo with the shoes displayed so V-for-Victoryishly.

T said...

Wow. Now that's a f*ckin' tribute done right.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tintin's dad. Pretty fine.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how pictures and no words, and pictures of someone else's life, make me think of me and mine..

Anonymous said...

The dual edged sword of the warrior-father. Many people don't get it. Some find it utterly natural. Here is what it looks like.

And here's to Tintin's dad.


ann said...

Happy Birthday to Tintin's dad!

And to you, Tintin, you do such a great job on this blog. It's hard for me to post something even once a week, but you've always got something new, always interesting, and sometimes revealing. The picture of your father at the bar w/ the big smile looks very much like you in your go to hell pants holding a beer.
Cheers to you both

Alice Olive said...

I also love the last shot, particularly because of the shoes.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Thanks for the memories John and thanks for the cheerful comments from
others. Just a few tips for when you get older than 70:
If a hostage, you may be the first released -- or first to be tossed overboard.
Don’t run. Walking is fine. Use a four footed cane. People will hold doors open for you.
Expensive things you buy now will probably last longer than you will.
You can eat any meal at any desired time of day or night. Ditto for booze.
You don’t have to answer the door or phone. People will assume you’re napping.
You can sing along with elevator music -- but never at the opera.
Your health insurance is paying off. Your life insurance will eventually.
Kidnappers won’t bother with you. Your family may just ignore their demands. Too bad for you.
You can accurately forecast bad weather and smell rain coming.
You can share embarrassing moments with old friends because they won’t remember them any more than you will.
You know not to take a sleeping pill and laxative the same night.
You can say outrageous things and get away with it -- often.
If you fall in a retail place, management and employees will hasten to your aid (hoping you won’t sue?). If you fall in a hospital, you may be ignored by medical staff thinking you are drunk or nuts. Happened to me once. Janitor with electric cart and trash can only one who helped.
Don't whine or snivel. Keep a sense of humor. Laugh often. Tell jokes about your own stupid mistakes. Don't constantly remind kids/grandkids
about theirs. They'l learn from you.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Happy Birthday Col. Phred!

I fell entering the bathroom in the hospital once (leg was asleep after surgery -- long story). Wound up banged up, kneeling in front of the commode. Pulled the emergency cord. The nurse opened the door and apologised and shut it. She thought I was praying. Until she heard the expletives.

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Can't resist a few more old phud tips:
I have a sign in the house saying
Mi Casa es Mi Casa. (NOT su casa.)
I don't want well-meaning folks to try help tidy things up. (i.e. take over.)

Don't let Doctors rule your life! They can make mistakes! Confirm their directives first. (This from one who had a near death chemo overdose.)

I often wear my shirts out over my trousers. Not very stylish or TRAD, but covers my fly if I forget to zip it up. In even older years it will cover my fly area should I forget to unzip it at proper time.

Do NOT blow out the candles on a birthday cake! It spreads disease! Do not accept piece of cake blown on by others. Claim dietary restriction if accused of being a party poop.

The time will come when you are advised to "hang up your keys." I hang mine in the ignition switch.

Optimistic old phuds plan for the future. Buy two cases of beer instead of one. A case of booze instead of a single bottle.