25 April 2011

Duck Politics

(Double click to get it all, yeah?)

It's a pretty good batting average, what? But for politicians?


Anonymous said...

The scum at my school either went to investment banking or politics or, both.


Unclelooney said...

In a Two way race, yes.

Unbelievably(and Unavoidably) Crap said...

Do you honestly want to do anything that Nick Clegg wants? Honestly? Do you, punk?

I agree with Lagonda Bay F**kwit on this one: vote no and vote often.

Iain Vivyan Styal said...

Mr Trad,

Come on! Eddie Izzard, Polly Toynbee, Stephen Fry, Billy Bragg, great tunes, but totalitarian politics...

You've learned from Clinton and Obama and you wouldn't put up with them, so why should we?