15 October 2010

Discover Avery Lucas & Booker T.

Avery Lucas - Esquire Magazine 1993

It's unique everywhere you go

Avery Lucas Four Button Jacket

Button down

Flap pocket shirt

Patch pockets

An Autumnal Wine that's hard to find

Turn up Booker T & The MGs

Avery Lucas took me on a sartorial road trip. He called and asked if I'd check out a four button tartan jacket he was making. "A what?" Avery said, "It's very Trad." I said, "How in the hell is four button Trad, Avery?" "That's why you gotta see it." he said. Ok. I don't have the stones for this. Now. But that may change.

The tweaks and nods to Trad are everywhere. From a distance, it's as Andover Shop as the day is long but, up close, it changes. I love this shirt with the J Press flap pocket, rounded collar points and beautiful MOP buttons. If you're a designer - start taking notes.

The jacket has a traditional stance but it's rich in Italian drape. The patch pockets keep it clean and simple and you barely notice the fourth button. It's not finished yet and I can't wait to see how it comes out.

This isn't a Friday Belt but Avery thought the jacket very Autumnal so I went looking for something. Italian for the cut but with a twist. Approachable but different. You know? Like the jacket.

At Dell'Anima, they turned me onto a white from Italy made by nuns with help from Paolo Bea's son, Giampiero. Coenobium Rusticum is best served with a slight chill. Not too cold and not too expensive. Less than $25. And like Autumn it's a beautiful gold with just a hint of a cider finish. As off the reservation as Avery's Tartan.

And because I haven't heard them in years -- I offer something for you to turn up and head into the weekend with. Booker T & the MGs doing Time is Tight - - When four button jackets where everywhere.


Lou B said...

Very nice, especially the colors and fabric textures.

Alice Olive said...

Your description of the Coenobium Rusticum is compelling. (Copying into the BB to check for it with my bottle shop 'boyfriend'...)

Oyster Guy said...

Tintin, I am not sure how deep your knowledge of Canadiana goes, but a journalist named Gordon Sinclair might have worn this very ensemble, stitch for stitch, colour for colour, pattern for pattern, forty years ago.

Karena said...

Love the color palette the fabric and cut, wonderful!

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Art by Karena

Main Line Sportsman said...

That Booker T song is OK...but nothing tops their "Green Onions" for instrumental cool of that era.
Not sure about the jacket...looks like something Albert Barnes wore in a picture from 1930's.

ADG said...

The rounded points on the button down collar. Hook me up.

Memphis88 said...

Some of that fantastic Memphis Music. Despite being born and raised in Memphis, I think that the Green Onions background to the "You play ball like a girl!" scene in The Sandlot will always be what comes to mind when I think about Booker T & the MGs.

Anonymous said...

Another Master of the famed Hammond B-3. Great cut from 1969!

Forrest said...

Your mix of colors, textures, and patterns is great. Any info on that bow tie?