24 September 2009

Brooksgate 1985

Brooksgate Fall Catalog 1985

You can still get all of this. Even that hunting dog sweater. Just go to Polo.


Michael B. said...

Geez, warn us next time. Do you know how hard it is to clean coffee out of a laptop keyboard???

Anonymous said...

Not to my taste.

Mr Trad, I have a question (how about a friday open questions thread?...that's not my question)

I am a slob and I ride my bike a lot.
I want to look trad.. but not sporty. how?
Everything ends up dirty and wears out quick.

Anonymous said...

The clothing on those models looks so...tight. I think I'd only buy the chukkas from this picture. I'll bet that women today hate men in them.

Unless you're Hugh Jackman.


L.A.S said...

out of all this the most interesting thing is...those shades. damn, those are fly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry TinTin. I just not feeling it. ME

Anonymous said...

Absent the labels, this stuff really looks like J. C. Penney, 1985. Looks like BB's slide began sooner than we think.

tintin said...

Brooksgate was BB's entry for, as one salesman told me back in '84, younger men who had better bodies and less money than the 346 or Golden Fleece customer. Most of the stuff was almost half the BB price point. There was always an issue with poor quality, poor fit and short life.

BGate was eventually canned but it's certainly an idea RL's Rugby has latched onto in a big way. Slimmer fit. Cheaper Price.

anon 10:07 - Quick question. Are you David Byrne? Thats not my question. How old are you? M/F? What kinda bike? What kinda job? Fenders on the bike?

LAS - They look like Vuarnets from the period.

ADG said...

BB has long since Jumped the Shark. I hate to admit that they are at best, a relic. There might be some evidence that Madison Avenue holds forth a bit of the old BB. Otherwise, it's a mall store with inelegant salespeople who don't even wear the product.

Anonymous said...

I am male, not David Bryne fenders on bike,
36 years old

I work in graphics so I can dress anyway, I like the early 60s brooks brothers look though.

But everything I wear particularly white shirts, gets dirty easy.
Pants tend to wear out like lightening, always in the crotch (I walk a lot too sometimes over 5 miles home) I work in the city.

Farrago said...

Brooksgate was my entry to the world of Brooks Brothere. I soon learned that the 346 and Makers lines were preferred.
As with so many others, my first Makers OCBD started me down the path of perdition....

W.Essex said...

To the anon bike rider - I recommend the Barbour Bedale as your go-to outerwear. The Mrs. says navy is less cliche than the olive. I'm sure out boy TinTin will give more elaborate input.

Your friend in the Biz,

tintin said...

ADG- I've mentioned before that Mr Davis on Mad is about the only authentic Brooks item left.

anon- When purchasing a suit ask for crotch lining. Half lined also helps.

I love this site for bike related stuff:

I do like the blue Barbour and you can save tons by going to the UK Ebay and seaching Barbour. Good used jackets for $40-50. Check out 23rd St for thrift shops. There's tons of 'em (I go from West to East) and they all have the look you like.

Am trying to find some footage I saw a year ago on a 1950's UK docu that had great bike style. I'll post it if I can find it. And to save dough on clothes go here:


There's some great stuff and it's not ebay.

anon- I agree... the makers shirts (iron) are still the real deal.

W Essex- I noted your suggestion re: Blue. My favorite is a beat to crap Blue Border.

Anonymous said...


wow! thanks for the info.

Bike Dude

DAM said...

The duck sweater is incredible.

Anonymous said...

I want that hunting swetaer. Very "preppy 2.0," a lame term, but that's what the kids are calling it here in NY these days...

tintin said...

Bike Dude- I'm still trying to find that English Bike docu from the early 50's.

Dickie & Harold- Polo did one similar last fall. Shouldn't be hard to find.