23 October 2012

Swedish Sea Salt Soap is the Seashore

NYC is lousy with old pharmacies crammed to the squeaking gunwales with Pakistan toothpaste, Greek banana shampoo and soap from all over the world.  Sometimes you hit the lotto and sometimes you don't.  Banana shampoo sounds great but not so much...

I thought I was buying a Swedish soap.  It was only $6 and the packaging lured me in -- Unlike the banana shampoo which I can still smell when I'm trying to sleep at night.  Sea Salt Soap is made in Rhode Island  by Kala (website here) and they designed the packaging as well. 

It's amazing stuff.  First, you get a huge smell of ocean.  Not screwed up with tacky scents but pure, clean, honest to God ocean.  This stuff turns a shower into an early morning swim in the buff. Or, my favorite, a midnight ocean swim in the buff -- but that's another story. It's gritty, so you get the luffa effect, but not at all rough. Actually, and I don't believe I'm gonna say this,  you'll feel softer afterwards. Not a bad thing if you have a lotta scar tissue; physical and mental.   

You can also shave with this stuff and that's the best part.  Take your razor into the shower, try not to drop it on your foot and lather the cake between your hands.  No need for a brush.  Slather the stuff on your face and if you get some in your mouth - all the better.  It'll taste like the sea. You don't even need a mirror. Just shave by feel but wait to trim your sideburns in front of a mirror. 

So...what's not to like?  Affordable. Made in the US.  Crazy cool packaging.  And it comes with an ersatz ocean.  A cake lasts about a month.  That includes shaves as well.  That does not include the midnight ocean swim in the buff although, I can't see why one or two people couldn't fake it.


Gustav said...

Unfortunately, the Swedish side is misspelled. It should be "färskt från havet".

Yours sincerely
A Swede

Makaga said...

I have been intrigued by this soap for awhile now, and with your glowing review, I will have to pick some up the next time I see it in a shop.
Thanks, Tintin!

Anonymous said...

As a designer I'm lovin' that packaging.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Shaving in the shower is the ONLY way to tackle the task. This stuff sounds great...gonna try some. Thanks for the heads up...never heard of it....which is not an uncommon phenomena when stopping by here...and one of many reasons I keep coming back.

M.Lane said...

Just my sort of thing Ya?


Anonymous said...

Yes, ive been shavin with it for weeks now, its the shit.found it at cb2 of all places, also sold at Common Scents in SF

no hype said...

just picked some up. looking forward to a change from irish spring (which sucks)

Unclelooney said...

I got one two blocks away. I'll go for the soap
Used to be a Vietnamese joint and a bookstore
I won't be swimming in raw here. Record size tiger muskies three blocks away

Mat said...

i've seen this a few times on the net and too have been lured in by the packaging. you're rave review is swinging it for me