05 October 2012

Belly Dancing & Plaid in 1980

Fayetteville, NC, 1980

It was a strange day.  I was about 30 days short from getting out of the Army.  I had just bought a plaid sport coat for college at the PX with the help of a buddy in G-2 who had worked in a haberdasher somewhere in Alabama.  I was asked to take pictures of my Sergeant Major's wife's belly dancing class.  I suppose they're all still waiting for prints.

One of the dancers, who was married to a huge MP, was having an affair with a buddy of mine. But he didn't have a plaid sport coat. It helps to have a plaid sport coat on a strange day.


Anonymous said...

I really like photos #2 and #4. But what really gets to me is the wood paneling and drop-ceilings with florescents.

And what's with Moses hanging out in the background?


tintin said...

There were stranger things going on than the paneling. I'll have to send you the contact sheet.

Anonymous said...

You probably learned more that day than in your first two years of college.