11 October 2012

Paul Stuart's Mad for Plaid

Six bloggers & editors kick Simon Doonan's ass in the Fall windows at Paul Stuart. 


Anonymous said...


Makaga said...

Will there be a grand plaid-unveiling in the 19th? I will try and swing by.

Dallas said...

had to look him up. according to his wikipedia page, the two of you share an affinity for dressing in period costume.

look forward to the pictures. of the store windows.

gentleman mac said...

I ain't going to NYC, so how can I see what you've done?

Oyster Guy said...


tintin said...

There's a party on Oct. 18th from 6-8:00 PM but it does conflict with Gael Green's reading of her outstanding '70s venture into soft porn writing via, Blue Skies, No Candy. That book is largely responsible for making me horny whenever I walk by the Algonquin Hotel.

RSVP for Paul Stuart: Mona Reilly, Mona.Reilly@paulstuart.com

For the Gael Greene event go here but don't forget to bring protection:


Dallas- Thanks for that.

Gent mac- Video coming soon. Check out Paul Stuart Tumbler and Face Book page as well.

Oyster Guy- Nicely done.

Makaga said...

Thanks, Tintin! I hope Mona gives me the A-Okay!

Anonymous said...

kind of tacky commercial thing for a store like PS. Surprised you would participate.

tintin said...

Anon- I know but it was hard to say no to the money.