22 October 2012

Growing Up in Paul Stuart

Photos for The Trad by Alice Olive

Clinking glasses, smooth conversation, easy sophistication. All that was missing was a cloud of cigarette smoke and it could have been the Pershing in Chicago with Ahmad Jamal playing Poinciana. Cue the video while you scroll down the slides and you'll get the vibe of the night. Elegant, but not stuffy. Cool, but not hip.

From 1992 to 1997, I worked in the Chicago Hancock and would step through the lobby Paul Stuart store on my way to lunch. I always felt like a grown up in Paul Stuart. I still do. When I felt the need to pull the trigger on a serious suit for a first meeting with George Steinbrenner, I chose a Paul Stuart navy, two button, side vent. It's a standard. Like Paul Desmond's, Take Ten. It gave the cocky confidence I needed  and like the insurance I was selling, it gave me peace of mind. 

It was an honor to do a window (Video here)  as well as meet some folks who read The Trad.  Young and old were there last Thursday night without a flip flop in sight.  Many thanks to Cain, Mona and Tom for making me look good...despite having misplaced my lips somewhere between 1999 and 2002.  Also, to the best photographer, in or out of Australia. 


Oyster Guy said...

Tin, you are having soooo much fun with this, good on yah! Your shirt in the vid is giving you a very Denny Crane vibe. It works for you...

Miss Olive: Heartbreakingly good pics, as always.

gentleman mac said...

Love the third shot from the top of the dark haired woman. Also, is that one of the Churchwell's in one of those smaller shots? Great work here!

Anonymous said...

"Cool, but not hip." Finally, thank God.

Seriously mad about those plaid trousers in second from last photo.

Nice job by A.O. by the way.


Makaga said...

It was good seeing you at the event, Tintin! Thank you for letting us know about it (and whom to RSVP too).
Ahh, I wish I knew what AO looked like so I could have introduced myself to her. I am in the background of one shot with Jason Jean.
Congrats to you!

initials CG said...

Wish you'd move to some beautiful Italian city...Open shop. Bring the classic americana with you. Then, your Italian wife's relatives could start copying and expanding on it...most Italian cuisine has GI origins...

You'd enjoy the food, add ten years to your life span, look better than you have in 20 years, and, hey, you might even make a couple of bucks in the process...

jeff said...

Mr. Jamal really is perfect with these photos. One of my favorite recordings.

Slone Ranger said...

From pigeons to pennys... great Mad for Plaid video.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Tintin, congratulations. I will be in town next week and look forward to seeing the work in person.

Douglas in Philadelphia

Alice Olive said...

Monica was the epitome of sexy haughtiness. She made me want to buy that ensemble straight off her back. (Probably none of the men would have minded if I'd done that, either.)

Anonymous said...

Paul Stewart! Yikes! A decidedly foppish, nouveau riche vibe! Sorta sartorial Vegas.

M.Lane said...

I love Paul Stuart. I just bought a PS seersucker suit for next spring that will KILL down here.


Anonymous said...

Just saw the video. You killed in that suit. The hair even looked good. Great pairings, great advice, great job, Tintin.

At minute mark 3:16 we also get a glimpse of a man passing behind you in a knockout light gray double breasted suit with red carnation in lapel.


tintin said...

Oyster- A shame you couldn't join us.

Gent Mac - That is a Churchwell. I think they all hired a publicist. I have volunteered to be the publicist for the dark haired woman in the 3rd photo.

DB- I wonder what's hip but not cool? Actually, I don't wonder at all.

Makaga- She was the Aussie with a camera.

initials CG- Coming to Italy soon. Would be great to meet you.

jeff- Mine too. Miles Davis was hugely pissed off with jealousy when he heard for the 1st time.

Sloane- Covert coats were on sale. Marked down to $650 from &1,300. A steal.

Doug in Phila- I found some amazing stuff quietly on sale in racks so don't just leave it to the windows.

Alice- That was more attitude than suit.

Anon- Sartorial Vegas? How about humping cod in Laguna?

M Lane- A fucking leisure suit would kill down there.

DB- That's Tom. I think he works in the women's shoe dept.