12 October 2012

Bespoke Drawers - Not In Any Stores

I like to match my boxers to my shirts.  It's just a thing I do. Call David Mercer for details. Not about my boxers but about his boxers.  


Anonymous said...

Tintin, after almost a year of reading your blog I finally broke down and ordered a Mercer shirt. I am impressed with their attention to detail in the ordering process and ease of doing business - no minimum which astounded me. Hopefully the shirt will be equally impressive.

Oyster Guy said...

A Trad onesie? Could be a new line or market?!

Anonymous said...

I'm betting you can pull it off, but if I matched my shirt to my boxers I'd look like I was wearing some sort of scary beach tog uniform like Sean Connery did in that poolside massage scene from Goldfinger: not exactly his best wardrobe moment.


egadfly said...

Nice going. As well might ask Velasquez to draw you a greeting card.


Dallas said...

off topic. is Caswell Massey 1752 lower quality than their regular products? Had their greenbriar shave soap which was great.

replaced it with the 1752 almond shave soap and it is terrible.

tintin said...

Douglas- If the shirt sucks... don't blame me.

egadfly-I like to think of it as a twinset.

DB- 5

egadfly- Already have one, thanks.

Dallas- Do I have the stuff for you. Yeah, not a fan of 1752 and I can't even find the lime soap anymore much less any Greenbriar.

I'll post about this new stuff I found. Cheap as dirt and can be used as shaving and body soap.