15 October 2012

Edgar Allen Poe's, Go To Halloween Pant

My inspiration for my 'Halloween' pant
is dear friend, Michael Rowe.
Horror writer extraordinaire,
he's kicks my ass
to write serious prose.

A 'Go To Halloween' pant
doesn't make much sense,
since wearing is limited to a day.
But there's a lady I know,
she can be quite cold,
but with her - there's little to pay.

She has a little place,
all alone by the sea.
She's starving for attention you see.
Tell her you're in the business,
and she'll knock half off,
my dear friend, Annabel Lee.


KSB said...

Are you really having pants made out of the pictured fabric? Or am I a sucker? Ok, I know the answer to the latter, how about an answer to the former?

M.Lane said...

Oh these are going to be superb!!! Great idea.


Anonymous said...

Love the take off on one ofmy favorite poems by Poe. Come to Balto and I'll take you to his grave. It is near University of MD Medical Center... right on the corner. I actually like the print... it would suit you and the season :)

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

I think off-season patterns are the TRUE go-to-hell of go-to-hell pants. Christmas prints in August and the like are a wonderful double go-to-hell.

Thanks again for the wine and lunch!