09 October 2012

Leif Ericson Day

Isn't this holiday thing gettin' a little outta hand?


M.Lane said...

Oh YAAA. Not in my town Duluth down by the Lake next to the Viking ship park it isn't.



brohammas said...

It has not gone too far till I get my own holiday.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what about Clint Day?


Anonymous said...

Hello Trad Blogger Tin-Tin,

Just found your blog somehow through a google search of the official preppy handbook and your your blog came within the search. However the book is totally driving me nuts its really hard to get your hands on when you're working with a limited budget.

You've scanned a couple of other books that fits into the traditional style of clothing .And(not suppose to begin a sentence using and, but what the hell) there was an existing website named pleasurable revelation.com but it has been deleted or somehow disappeared into thin air only because it had tons of books literally targeted to preps or preppies but....It seems as if this book is virtually hard to read online anywhere and my local library doesn't have it and its hard to obtain through the inter library loan and my funds are totally limited. So if you're a reasonable man I would suppose giving back to the less fortunate.



Dallas said...

Trev, I sympathize with your plight.

In your best interest, may I steer you towards this handbook, which may better serve your needs. And fret not, it is free.


tintin said...

Thank you.