30 October 2012

Mad for Plaid Window Reveal

Here's the video for the Mad for Plaid event. Also, the jazzy mid-twentieth century furniture used in the windows is up for auction here. If your furniture consists of cinder blocks, milk crates and particle board  from Ikea, this is your chance to score some grown up stuff at huge discount and help some charities out as well. 

You have until November 12th to get your bids in. If I don't see any bids by Nov. 5th,  I'm gonna tell the Keno brothers. 


Trailer Trad said...

You're not offering an 18th Century Philadelphia Tiger Maple Highboy, so I don't think that the Keno brothers would be interested.

tintin said...

Trailer Trad- Don't be so sure:


How close are you to Hickory, NC?

Brohammas said...

and of course you used an ascot.

M.Lane said...

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Congratulations for being a part of it!!! I just wish I were in town for the display.


Unclelooney said...

Tin tin
It reminds me of Graham's clothiers for men in Dubuque. Iowa
How are you and how is Manhattan ?
I will go to the Basilica and light a candle for all of youse

tintin said...

Bro, That's asscot.

M Lane- There will be a display when you get here.

Looney - All is well here, thanks. City is gonna be a mess for a while. No subway so I'm using a jet ski to get around.