23 September 2011

Trad Rule # 9

Trad Rule #9: You can never have too many sweaters. Have a happy and natural fiber filled Fall.


~TRVS said...

The gentleman in the 3rd photo in the russet~color sweater is pretty much perfection...in my blue eyes, anyway.

Yankee-Whisky-Papa said...

The first photo looks like four of the boys from International Rescue, relaxing on Tracy Island.

halfwhiteboy said...

i love the patterns on the fifth photo.
had our climate been different, i think i would've owned a lot of sweaters as well. i agree with rule #9.

Anonymous said...

The first pic shows greasers in ugly Frankie Valli sweaters.

2Stoics said...

The first picture looks like Uncle Butch stepped in on three paid models when nobody was paying attention.

I love Uncle Butch. He'd do something like that.

Anonymous said...

I love the video! It is a nice contrast to the sweater set crew. You can have too many sweaters but never ever too much Lennon.
Peace always.

miami beach condos said...

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Charles said...

Your rule is great for the cashmere set but a shetland collection takes up way too much space.

tintin said...

TRVS- Perfection is the woman holding the sandwich. What was it about those '60s manicures?

YWP- Foxtrot Oscar.

halfwhiteboy- Hard to own a sweater where potato chips come in cans.

Ruling Part- I had an Uncle Wolfgang.

MBN- Lennon had a lotta sweaters. What friend of yours in college said I looked like John Boy Walton?

Miami Beach Condos- Got anything under $50k?

Longwing- Buy a blanket chest.

Anonymous said...

Lennon or Lenin had a lot of sweaters? :)
Evo Morales is famous for wearing "the sweater".
Hmmm, can't recall who said that about you.
You were much better looking than John Boy Walton. Whomever said it probably thought you were hot and was giving me a hard time. You did look pretty nice in that sports car.

tintin said...

mbn- I wonder if Lenin had a Poor Boy sweater?