01 September 2011

Press Only: Esquire's Blogger Showdown (and Lee Marvin)

It should be another year before Esquire asks me anything. Anyway, Max (All Plaidout) and I kick post 'Labor Day White' around here. I'm not sure where we were going with this so I doubt you'll learn anything. However, there's an incredible interview with Lee Marvin (Lee Jeans?) by Roger Ebert at Esquire here.


Anonymous said...

snuggle wuffins, what about white underwear?

Jeff P. said...

Nice, I just got that through Esquires Facebook post and when I went to read it I saw your name - good read.

Makaga said...

"White-linen suit in Manhattan on Governor's Island in July during a festival? You'll show up in Bill Cunningham's column." - I have my own fingers crossed for this very thing, actually.

Barima said...

Interesting back and forth. I particularly like that Esquire gave you two a platform for this exploration

Being a Britisher, the Labour Day rule utterly passes me by, but then white suits here are a scarcity anyway



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