23 September 2011

Trad Rule #88

Vogue October 15, 1936

Trad Rule #88: Never date a woman who is proficient with firearms.


Anonymous said...

Don't date her, marry her.

Marc said...


Anon has it right. Marry her. Remember her birthday, favorite colors and lingerie sizes. When she's pregnant, feed her bacon.

One glorious day, she will take her grandsons shooting with their snotty friends, and out shoot all of them. And when one says "Your grandma ROCKS!", she will glow.

Alice Olive said...

Irrespective of rule #88, love the lines and hues in this image. Beautiful.

Jerome said...

You have to make an exception for Israeli women.

JKG said...

Not only is mine an equal shot to me, but she adds a delightful little giggle every time that double-guage unloads.


~TRVS said...

Took my first shot ever in the Berkshires over the summer. My target was a stuffed teletubbie my friend Tim hid in the woods...I nailed it.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Please...a silly rule....babes with guns....a wonderful cocktail!
Nothing sexier than a girl who can handle a shotgun. My wife enjoys shooting sporting clays with me and it is time well spent!
I concur with Alice...a wonderful photo!

Anonymous said...

Not only is my woman proficient - she can get off the x and shoot you in the face while running full speed to her 11:00 o'clock. - without using her sights.

Jeremiah said...

One must agree with Marc. Many men shoot, hunt and fish to escape their women. More's the pity. (For you younger chaps, "That sucks!")

ADG said...

Firearms? Shit. I got my ass beat by the bare hands of a big ole Brigitte Nielsen-esque gal who knew some kinda chow-damn-mein hand to hand stuff at a black belt level.

Cost me 400 bucks.

Anonymous said...

Is the feather in Señorita's hat from her latest kill?
Nice sense of humor

tintin said...

Anon- As long as the guns are locked.

Marc- I never thought of my wife bringing me wild pig.

Alice- I think the hat suits you.

Jerome- I do like girls in berets. Regardless of religion.

JKG- See, that's just the thing that scares me.

TRVS- I hope no one was behind it.

Main Line- I posted this cover for you and Alice. Knowing you'd both like it, but no one has mentioned that glove.

Anon- I dated a girl in Colorado Springs who loved guns and Republicans. She scared the shit outta me.

Jere- I knew a couple who went camping in the winter a lot. They called each other ice hole.

ADG- YOu're the only one who gets it. Which bothers me a lot.

MB- I'm glad you didn't own a shotgun...