30 September 2011

Fall Mix - Old & New

UK Vogue 1971

Hard to believe Fall is finally here. Hard to believe this image from UK Vogue is from the early '70s. Tweed jacket and vest are Turnbull & Asser -- I like classic mixed with fashion of the time. The large belt & buckle reminds you when this picture was taken, but it's not an anachronism. It looked good then and better now.

That's the great thing about dressing for yourself. While the designer wants you to look like a store window -- Understand, it's his store window. But trust me on this. Even designers don't want to look like their windows. I've met a bunch of 'em and they never wear their own stuff. Not unless they're with their PR agency.

Take a classic piece out of your closet and throw it in with something intelligent from today. Something unique like a Jay Kos tie or green suede Trickers from Grahame Fowler. Like mixing late 18th and mid 20th century furniture in a living room. It's not supposed to go together but it does. Search out today's unique and there's a good chance it becomes the classic your son wears 40 years from now.


Vintage Whistles - Vintage Menwear said...

Great image, a timeless look.. : )

Anonymous said...

$450. That's crazy

The Sluice Box said...

Great advice for those who might slavishly copy what's been done over, and over again. Some textbook perfect combinations just end up looking too fussed over. A dash of something unexpected, even a whiff of bad taste, brings things to life, whether it be in decor or apparel.


tintin said...

Vintage- I almost took you for spam but I like your stuff.

Anon- Agreed. But they're not many sources for green shoes. Anyway, my point is it can be pocket square, tie, belt or cuff links. Vintage or new. Consignment shop, whatever. Something out there with 2011 style has your cheap ass name on it.

Sluice- Bill Blass was a big believer in this approach although his apartment didn't have a black velvet Elvis painting.

Vintage Whistles - Vintage Menwear said...

Sorry and thanks, always a great read : )