13 September 2011

Michael Bastian - James Dean For A Day

It has to be hard to follow the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 with a fashion show. Not to mention the earthquake, the hurricane and a new terror threat. No wonder Fashion Week is the talk of this city. Sometimes all you wanna do is nothing.

Michael Bastian's, James Dean For A Day, was a welcome break from weeks of siege on our fort. Looking out the embrasure, it seemed to be one enemy after another until today when we all marched off the gun deck and down into the courtyard where we saw a show.

And this time there was a runway. With loud music. And models and some surprises.

Things start off with James Dean.

While the look is an icon -- the take home was, where do I get these glasses? The entire show was that eyeglass section in the back of a Ben Silver catalog. A collection of tasteful frames that I hope helps end the small rectangle, Anal-Swiss-Accountant, look that's been going on far too long.

What I didn't know: These glasses were jointly reproduced with Bastian by Randolph Engineering from an actual pair worn by James Dean and include clip on sun glasses.

Yeah, that's a pocket watch. I don't get it either, but I do get the Fair Isle sweater that is tweaked with respect. Understated with an 80's preppy elegance. Bastian beats Bean but then he always did as you see here.

What I didn't know: The pocket watch is a reference to Dean's own watch worn in East of Eden

I have had an age old prejudice against red and black. Perhaps because I love blue and orange. As we used to say down south, "It's darned hard to wear red and black without it being from those two designer sisters, Poly and Esther." Nice tie though.

I don't think there was a collar in this show that was not popped. This model is a dead ringer for a guy in college who had an affair with my steady girlfriend -- Lets just move on.

80's board trunks with a California, Hang Ten aesthetic that was inspired from Gant in the 60's. Funny how this all comes full circle.

I hung out with the photographers this time. The place to be. They get to yell, "Uncross your legs!" and "Lean Back!"

And the risers are a perfect vantage point for this wonderful western pearl snap shirt and James Dean glasses.

My favorite shirt of the show.

Anorak and bow tie. Did James Dean work for a car park service in LA?

A better bow tie and jacket. I wish it were mohair. Something light and cool but impossible to find anymore. Again, the glasses are wonderful but I'd skip the hat.

I like it but not together.

A lotta flash.

Window pane frock coat. Dramatic with echos of Favourbrook and late 19th century London. Lunch at Foxtrot Oscar. Dancing at the Roof Gardens. "Who towed my DB7?"

This looks like it walked out of 'M' Magazine -circa 1986- which ripped it out of Apparel Arts Magazine in 1936. Can't get too much window pane or patch pockets. I don't wear my sleeves like that but neither does anybody else.

The denim-calico-John Denver-Country Roads-Christmas Special didn't look good in 1974. Almost 40 years later it hasn't aged well. But I think the kids will latch onto it in a big way.

"When I grow up I wanna pump gas." The Americana, 'Gas Station Attendant' look was happily out of place. The shirt is US Navy chambray but I'm at a loss when it comes to his cover.

I've never known a man with legs like this - Someone let me know about the other shoe.

What I didn't know: The other Stubbs shoe says, "Bastard" in honor of Dean's Porsche.

Somethin' the kids can get jiggy wit - But men are gonna need major stones.

Why hasn't this gone away?

Hip enough for a Buddy Holly, three day beard, Pabst swillin', blogger but I like it too.


What I didn't know: Stubbs.

Red was everywhere.

Under 40 with a 30" waist? Own this '60s inspired shawl collar DJ.

Over 40 with a 34" waist? Own this double breasted DJ with ticket pocket...

with tartan trousers and patent leather Belgians. Sockless with evening wear is vulgar but this is a runway and you are not.

Bastian's Bastion- It's more than a fort. There's a moat as well. In the insipid world of, "RugHilfigCrew" Michael Bastian drags slow match across a cannon vent hole and fires off solid shot. Young, to be sure, but the grown ups are in the room. Williamsburg loaded but an element of Sutton Place with gray at the temples and walking a Wire Fox Terrier on east 57th Street.

Afterwards- Bob Buffoonery & Tom Foolery...

from the folks...

who tell us what to wear.


Anonymous said...

"...from the folks who tell us what to wear."

That's the best line of many from this post. I feel like I just visited a parallel universe, and not in a good way. I don't know what island these people are on, but don't they know... Oh wait. I forgot: the island of Manhattan.

As usual, your shots of the people on the sidelines are just as telling as the fashions - unintentional or otherwise. That guy with the glasses behind Mr. Anorak looks like he actually made an effort, though.


Alice Olive said...

Love that first shot. So dreamy and abstract, really drew me in.

brohammas said...

I feel like an insider having read this post pre-editing. didn't like the soup note?

Things I didn't know: while I envy male model's abs, I do not envy their calves.

those tricks said...

Um yeah ok.
Iiiiiii need a pair of little bastard loafers.

Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to see someone craft an image predicated upon the wearer trying really hard to look like they don't care at all.

Why that young lady is so relaxed she can't even be bothered to button up her shirt.

When will there be a show where the models are so affectless they just carry the items instead of wearing anything?


M @ TRVS said...

I don't know, it still felt a bit like looking at the latest Tommy H. ads....just about every possible concept/look present so as to leave no one out so as to make everyone love it at least a little bit. I wish, sometimes, that there was more style monogamy than fashion polygamy...does that make sense? It's better, but still too scattered for my taste. I'm sure my opinion is a minority, but that's okay. I know what I like.

ann said...

Great Post! Those red shoes remind me of a pair of Jaque Cohen's I had (have, actually. Not that I ever wear them anymore. They were very nice, though.) Perforated top, red leather flats. It really took something to wear red leather and not be totally ostentatious. At least I hope I hope I wasn't.

Anonymous said...

anal swiss accountant. perfect! may that epoch come to a proximate end!

Anonymous said...

James dean as style icon- shockingly original- who's next Marilyn, cary grant?
I'm sure this Bastien is swell, but it still looks like everything else, only he has the nutz to charge 300% more.
at least Tommy gives us a few fun commercials, Ralph brought back the third collar button, and Crew makes a decent T-shirt.
no one is gonna know his name in 3 years because he hasn't give them a reason to.
ill stick with Gitman Bros, since 1976.
-yours in grouchitude

Theo said...

that red/black look seems to be channelling blixa bargeld circa red right hand, eh, eh?? (can't find the video on youtube - i mean nick cave etc for the reference)

initials CG said...

If I were trying to sell men's dress shirts....

She'd be young with long wavy brown hair. well tanned...slipping on a man's white dress shirt and nothing else - as she gets out of bed...She puts her hair up in a messy bun,and walks out of the room.

You're favorite shirt of the show, tin, reminded me of one of the most spectacular sights known to man.

Linus412 said...

Nice post, some good pics, especially girls in flannel shirts, but a true hat tip for the ref to Ben Silver. I need everything in that store.

Anonymous said...

Great, great post my friend.

WBH said...

Since you mentioned formalwear, do you have any suggestions of places to rent some in the city? AT Harris has apparently closed and I don't know where to turn. Thanks.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Sign me up for those glasses!

And the East of Eden weekend look.

Don't think I've ever paid that much attention to a plaid shirt. Before.