18 May 2011

Gant or Mant

It's up to you. Thanks, DB.


Unclelooney said...

After Math let's all go back to the dorm and work on our One singular sensation routine!

Andrea said...

Pre-fall seems an apt description of the "innocent" time portrayed in the GANT ad.

But then the way the camera moves stealthily between the library stacks makes us complicit in our own voyeurism. Very clever.

Anonymous said...

Ant-men attacking a trad campus math club, now that would be a movie I'd see.

I really like the GANT piece. They could pull segments from it, amp up the music and irony, and run them as TV ads. Wouldn't cost anything. Glad to see they have a decent line, too. Way better than Old Navy, Gap, etc.


My Affair with Michael Bastian said...

Geeks can be sexy :)