10 February 2011

What's With These Sweaters?

What I was hoping for...

At the half off sale.

What was there.


$750 for the painting -- don't know about the shoes.

I have no idea what this is.

From a reader:
I have no idea what kind of tintin thing you've got going as far as personal stuff, but there was a nice tintin wool crew neck sweater today at the arthritis thrift shop on Third Ave., half price I think.

I checked out the place yesterday at lunch. Already have this Tintin sweater. I'm hoping they have that Tintin Single Malt sweater...for $30. I spent almost two hours in this place looking and no Tintin sweater. Instead, I find a Coogi sweater. I can't stand Coogi sweaters.

Mel Brooks and Bill Cosby wear them and I think they're both amazing but I'm here to tell you...Coogi sweaters are not only ugly ... They speak to a larger problem. The following that is fat men in Chinese restaurants on Sunday night ordering loudly,"NOT HOT!" and, "JUST WATER TO DRINK."

If you're in the hood (3rd Ave bet. 80 and 81st) you may wanna swing by. 50% off all clothing and shoes and purse stuff. Ties are $5. Found a Britches of Georgetown tie I bought more for the label. Such an icon of '80s Washington DC. There's a couple of small Souleiado shirts for $7.50 and a custom blue chalk stripe Domenico Spano suit with a hole in the seat. Like I said, if you're in the hood and you don't like your Chinese spicy.



I had a professor that must've owned 100s of these godawful things. He taught aesthetics and philosophy of art. I shit you negative.

Hilton said...

You've got me hooked on Shaggy Dogs. I can't seem to stop buying and wearing them. At 40% off, I just may have to get another fix this weekend.

This sweater is like sartorial "comfort food".

Please tell me another story about this iconic sweater.

Martin said...

Googi sweaters are not one of Australia's gift to fashion. Mostly were sold to overseas tourists or found in thrift shops.

The Skinny Guinea said...

Aside from the two you mention (and I'm still not convinced about Mel Brooks), *nobody* from 1989 on likes these jumpers.
The 80's are an easy target. I think you might owe Australia a positive sartorial post here. I'd start with R.M. Williams boots.
Love your work,

TRVS said...

Tell me you didn't think of me when you saw the red velvet shoes...are they still there???

Easy and Elegant Life said...

I've got a great reweaver if that Spano suit fits... .

Coogie sweaters. Not unless I was Henry Rollins.

Brave man buying that tie. Some of ours were purely awful.

Anonymous said...

Those Coogi sweaters look like Jackson Pollack sold out to the man and went with a pattern.

Akubra fedoras are your best Australian import bet.


TRVS said...

Never mind. I called, they're gone :( But I wrote about it here: http://theredvelvetshoe.typepad.com/talesfromavintagewardrobe/2011/02/the-perfect-shoes-arthritis.html

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get it. It showed their large heads, looking over a wall, and the image filled the front of the sweater. I would have picked it up for you on spec but hell, I'm too cheap to buy my wife shit on spec.

Anonymous said...

I read your post again and clicked the link--you already have it.

BillnWBG said...

Really enjoy your blog, have a stack of Britches tab collar pinpoints 17/35 if you want one to go with your tie. Bought a ton when they closed. Stop by for a drink when you find yourself back in the Fort Monroe area.