15 February 2011

Lunch With Michael Bastian

Lunch & Elmo, 210 11th Avenue

New Digs




Michael & Antonio

Eugenia & Michael

Antonio & Michael work on 2012


University Stripe

Trad Date Time Group 0802 - 2011 1355 Local

1x Large Pepperoni Pizza
2x Diet Cokes
1x Tea
1x Coke
1x Salad
1x Soup

Bastian's new digs are bathed in bright light that's MIA in midtown. Traditional and simple although I wouldn't want to dust. But, like a hard to wear hat for most of us, Bastian's 11th Avenue digs suit him down to the ground. It's spare without a lot of crap...which is a lot like Bastian.



Have no clue who this dude is but, um, Grace Jones! (Strange I can't recall any of her songs, but know she was in the awful Conan the Destroyer.)

Also: Eugenia is a beautiful name. It's Greek and means "of good gene/family/clan." She wears it well.

Farmer Jones said...

Somehow I always have trouble pulling off the shirtcuffs over sweater look, but Antonio nails it.

I agree with Stewart on the name, my son's name is Owen, from the same root by way of the British Isles

Main Line Sportsman said...

Like Trawets(Stewart)...I have no real reference point on who this Cat is...and like Trawets I find Eugenia quite fetching...

David M. said...

You must be living in a cave if you don't know who Michael Bastian is by now.

tintin said...

I know for a fact they both do. One is called Atlanta and the other is called Philadelphia. Both are caves. Dark, wet and full of mold.

Anonymous said...

Great Interview! I love Michael Bastian's stuff. Elmo is no longer around in the office, was given to his boyfriend for Valentine's day.

Alice Olive said...

Can't beat that light. Amazing. I like how simple this space is. Clean.

Dutch Uncle said...

I have no idea whether Trawets or Main Line Sportsman's claims of ignorance were tongue-in-cheek or not, but I can assure you that I had never heard of Michael Bastian. After seeing the photos, I realize that I was fortunate in being ignorant. A photo of a good pepperoni pizaa would have been far more appreciated.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Ok..checked out his Fall/Winter 1020. What's with the Neo-skinhead hanging suspenders and Doc Martins look...quite lame and derivative.
And a shooting patch on the shoulder of a too small quilted vest-like "thing"...c'mon. Like that runway wanker is on his way to the Trap field to shoot a few rounds???
If that contrived nonsense is what men are supposed to be wearing...I'll happily stay in my cave sporting more classic and truly functional attire...Filson and Orvis,L.L. Bean and B&B suits for work...the type of stuff one usually finds on this fine Blog-o-spot. Although I am sure Bastian is raking in his healthy share of greenbacks.
Moldy...sheesh Tin-Man??

Anonymous said...

Hasn't anybody else noticed how badly dressed both Bastian and Antonio are?

j.mosby said...

Slave to the rhythm...Ms. Grace Jones

Raulston said...

Absolutely relish the new digs. Very minimal and to the point. I just came across your blog and you can now consider me a daily subscriber. Well done.


I'm as annoyed with fashion's appropriation of functional hunting clothing features as MLS.

Here's a thought: Anyone wanting to wear the "hunting look" will be driven to an undisclosed NE location, wooded, of course, given a knife, compass, shotgun, shotshells, water purification tablets, and rendezvous'd with a two weeks later. If they are covered in blood and viscera they get to keep the "hunting look."

Also: No Doc Martens or braces unless you can sing five Specials songs front to back without missing a lyric.

My Affair with Michael Bastian said...