19 February 2011

Emilio Pucci: S/S 1968

(filched from flickr)

Friggin' Navy. I never saw Pucci on Hay Street.


AJC said...

Nope. But saw mama-san there. Saw her on Bragg Blvd., too.

ADG said...

Yeah but those Navy boys needed a little Pucci with their 'tang. A more refined, gentler experience was required of those little squids. Otherwise, they might notta been able to...you know.

tintin said...

AJC- Bragg Blvd. Wow, that conjures up memories of Stereo stores with 30% apr, used car lots with 30% apr, the Fox drive in and a very bad Chinese restaurant you could smell on Smoke Bomb Hill when the wind blew north.

ADG- What the hell does the powdered orange drink astronauts drink in space have to do with this picture? I only see the Coke can.

Anonymous said...

Don't know Pucci from Gucci, but dig the old-style "diamond" coke can in the background. That tells me it truly is the late '60s.


those tricks said...

This is the best fashion week post I've seen in the blogosphere.
Thanks for the laugh, TinTin.