08 February 2011

Lunch with Aaron Levine of Jack Spade

Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop, 174 5th Ave., @ E. 23rd St.

Trad Time Group 0702-2011- 1343 Local

2 x Diet Cream Sodas
1 x Lime Ricky
Split Pea Soup
Turkey Club
Pastrami Reuben

Funny. Genuine. Humble. Admired by peers and can arch a mean eyebrow. Interview tape being transcribed by magazine.


L.A.S said...

Can't wait for the interview. Aaron is the man.

Anonymous said...

interesting combination: houndstooth jacket, denim shirt.

Main Line Sportsman said...

How was the Reuben?

Foster Huntington said...

aaron is one of the nicest guys i have met. solid operator

Patsy said...

That lunch sounds heavenly. I love cream soda and pastrami. And pea soup.

Joy C. said...

This might be a little intrusive but I was wondering what do you do for a living? You get to meet all these awesome people. (You don't have to answer this thought, it's entirely rhetorical.)
Looking forward to the interview!

Jeff P. said...

Nice vintage Submariner!

Andrew said...

Right around the corner from work. One of my favorite neighborhood haunts.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what kind of tintin thing you've got going as far as personal stuff, but there was a nice tintin wool crew neck sweater today at the arthritis thrift shop on Third Ave., half price I think.

My Affair with Michael Bastian said...

Love the menu.

RHW said...

That's neither vintage, nor a Submariner.

The modern Solid End Link Oyster bracelet, flat sapphire crystal, full crown guards, and lack of date window "cyclops" indicate this is a Seadweller, and relatively new at that.

I like the denim shirt and tweed jacket look, very nice.