08 February 2011

Show Us Your Wallet: Michael Bastian

"The only piece of non-MB I wear... "

"...my favorite hotel in Stockholm."

"... picked this up in Japan. Supposed to be good luck."

"This is amazing. This is underneath the Duomo."

"A coin that's a heart. I don't even know where I got that."

"This is my lucky penny that I keep folded up so I don't spend it."

"You know what's really interesting? The contents of guy's wallets. "Asking a guy to pull out his wallet is a very personal thing." Michael Bastian


L.A.S said...

This was great. MB is not only a super talented designer, obviously, but such a great guy.

The Trad has been killing it lately, bud.

My Affair with Michael Bastian said...


K. A. Adams said...

He carries all that stuff in his wallet ? Thats more like a dang purse


What, no French tickler?

Patsy said...

I love all his lucky charms. And he takes the subway! Very cool.

Did he ask to see what was in your wallet?

Main Line Sportsman said...

At least he did not whip out a weathered old Trojan packet.....or is that Japanese item a substitute?

BJ said...

No money. I guess he can't afford his clothes, either.

Anonymous said...

From Meiji Jingu.