24 November 2010

The Trad & His Corgis

Introducing fine gauge

You don't get this on Gold Toe

You don't have to walk 'em

Heavier gauge blend

But a good one

You're gonna like your crossed legs...

I guarantee it

It's hard to criticize socks when so much of the sartorial world has driven off the Kenneth Cole cliff. Still, nothing can take a Savile Row suit and a pair Lobbs down to the gutter quicker than cheap socks. Likewise, nothing kicks up your khakis and Weejuns more than a luxury sock in an understated design. They say women notice men's shoes. I think they're looking at our socks.

Today Corgi makes socks in South Wales on hundred year old machines managed by a brother and sister who are the great, great, grandchildren of the the 1892 founder, Rhys Jones. They carry a Prince of Wales warrant and even offer a pair designed by the prince's son, William. They also make an argyle hose for the Scottish Highland Regiments. Each pair is made by hand and takes eight hours.

While royalty and Highland Regiments seem to always get all the good stuff -- Corgi offers up their custom services to you. Socks in cashmere with your initials (Dwight Eisenhower had a pair) can be ordered a pair at a time for a reasonable $100 while full bespoke of your own design require a minimum order of 5 dozen -- I'll help you work out a deal. I'm guessing you could have a lot of fun with these options. I have a pair of cashmere in the works with FTA for initials. Gonna wear them at my next army reunion at Ft Bragg. They'll be a hit.

I've been field testing the two pair you see in the photos. While I think they look great - - they feel even better. I cannot wear Gold Toe socks. The machine made toe (Corgi are made by hand) grabs my toes like a vice grip and all day long it drives me outta my mind. Cheap boxers do the same thing. To me. Not my toes.

Besides, life is just too damned short to wear ill fitting socks (or boxers). The old warning, 'Luxuries can quickly become necessities...' is true but Corgi is about putting your foot down and treating yourself to the very best. For a limited time Corgi is offering a 25% discount on their new fine gauge socks on orders over $50. Just type in, 'corgibytrad' when you place your order on line and don't forget to knock 17.5% off the price for VAT. That makes for a total of 42.5% off or what we called years ago, 'dollar / pound parity, yeah.' Go here for the details and start crossing your legs more.

Update: A reader commented the discount code didn't work. My fault. The special offer extends to the fine gauge socks only. Also, the initial sock is not on the web site yet. I'll check if you can order off the menu.


Alan said...

Nice looking socks! Corgis are very nice with wonderful colors. The only downside is they are a tad thick (can't wear w/ opera pumps).

tintin said...

Alan- While the cashmere are think the cotton socks pictured here would easily slip into opera pumps or velvet slippers.

longwing said...

I got one of them four legged corgis. Hardheaded bitch that she is.

Nicholas said...

I'm not sure that your discount code works.

tintin said...

I could scew up an anvil with a rotten banana. Code applies to fine gauge only, Nicholas. My fault but I'll make it right on the gloves for you.

LWing- Nothing was more hard headed than my wire fox terrier.

Alan- Spoke to the Corgi people and you're right. They just recently did a fine gauge sock and are using this discount to introduce the sock.

Retrac said...

"Trad" is a shill. Question why he's talking to urban outfitters. Consumerism!

Anonymous said...

Right, it takes eight hous to make a sock. Maybe you should make a "Gullible Approved" badge.

tintin said...

Retrac- Just so you know, I didn't publish your other comments (3)because they said the same thing. I think you made your point with this one.

Did you read the Urban Outfitters / J Press post or just look at the pictures? Not sure Urban Outfitters'll ever talk to me again. In fact, I sent an email to the designer I interviewed and I never heard back from him. I guess I'm not a very good shill.

Anon- Good idea. I'll call it, "The Sky Is Falling." The folks at Corgi, far nicer than me, sent details regarding the construction of the socks you mention. Plus pictures. For Retrac.

tintin said...

Sorry, I will post the details and the pics of these hand made beauties this week.

Anonymous said...

sweetheart, where can i get cheaper versions of these, darling?

Damian said...

Just ordered off the Corgi website. Ordered an assortment of socks - wool, cotton, fine gauge, and mercerized. Your discount code saved me 25% off the whole order, not just the fine gauge. Really are a steal at this price. I'm hoping I get my first order before the code stops working so I can place another.