18 November 2010

Press Only: The Harvard Crimson

The verdict is still out on this ticket, but for Tinseth, one thing is certain. “Do I like the line? Not so much. Do I understand it? Absolutely,” he said. “I bought a lot of stupid things when I was 19.” For the whole story go here.


Alice Olive said...

Priceless! I know I should be focusing on the bigger picture here, but I just love that you acknowledge you bought a lot of stupid things at 19.

Patsy said...

Great mention!

I love that you are A. John. Someone with the first initial A always reminds me of the comedian from SNL (olden days SNL) A. Whitney Brown. He said someday he hoped to be THE Whitney Brown.

Oyster Guy said...

I hate to do it but I have to give some props to Ralph's defunct Polo "University" line back in the day. Reasonably well made, good styling, correct details, low cost, no obvious logos. Used to pick it up at the Harvard Coop. I am sure Ralph must have dropped it because it was not profitable.

Perhaps comparing the University line with the Press/UO is a further demonstration of "not as good as it was. Better than it will be."

Anonymous said...

Who would have "thunk" that Hahvahd students would be listening to and quoting YOU! Good job! How do I get to be "TRAD APPROVED"? love the logo! DMW

Flo said...

Alright, waytogo!

I would love to know what stupid purchases you made at age 19. In my world and time, we were having monograms put on our ribbon-front cardigans, buying double-strand pearls from the countertop display at Thalhimers, and teasing the hell out of our hair way up high, finishing it off hard with Aqua-Net.

The UO knock off ruined it for me with the mismatched plaid going up the leg seam. Unforgiveable.

brohammas said...

Really? You bought stupid things? Sure that was a great line, worth quoting, but now you have me thinking about swirly glass pipes and long tubes with a small stem at the base.

Waaaaiiit.... weren't those "maple leaf" logo'd shirts around when you were 19?


Geez. Still have stacks of my grandpap's old Crimson and they're full of overheated first person accounts of seeing Nabokov read at the COOP or philosophical exegesis on why Holy Cross won't beat Harvard in football.

But know the kids are debating the merits of pop culture's meaning-stripping machine's assimilation of The Authentic. Just, erm, not in those terms.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Slicing the low-brow, fashionista pie thinner and thinner. It's all about the money. And in mass quantities it's about mass money. First out the door: quality. Next: taste.

Machiavellian, indeed.


Trailer Trad said...

Sometimes even trads have to talk brass tacks. Kudos.