03 November 2010


Lloyd's Council by Snowdon - Met a couple of these guys - They didn't stay in touch

Association of Lloyd's Brokers: Me, H. and Jon - We've kept in touch

Nice letterhead

Geez, I'm guessing that's a 40 Reg I'm wearing. And it's all because of beer. Mostly consumed in a business that operates on relationships. Not that I ever profited from them but, more importantly, I cherish the friendships I've managed to keep. Any money made was pissed away years ago.

I still look to do business with people I like, respect and can laugh with. Actually, the laugh part should come first. I've turned down job offers because I knew the only thing I had in common with the boss was breathing air and drinking water. 'Pick the boss -- not the job.' Good advice given to me many years ago.

I was talking to an old friend last week about The Trad and what I was planning. I worked with him years ago and he was a great mentor and coach. I told him I was surprised by the success of the blog. He said it made perfect sense, "How could you screw it up when you're just being yourself." That beats a commission check.


LPC said...

Pick the boss not the job. Couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

What's your line of work?

Anonymous said...

Thousands of ways, I'm afraid,Tradman, thousands of ways. Just remember Tom Lehrer: 'Don't drink the water and don't breathe the air...'


Brohammas said...

Being yourself got your blog in Esquire?
Being myself usually gets me in trouble.

tintin said...

LPC- I don't think the younger folk get that but nothing 20 years can't sort out.

Anon 17:31 You're kidding?

fatfriend- I ask you about bollo beer and you give me an inspiration speech? You really should design Motivational Posters- if you don't already. Never heard of Lehrer. Interesting man. Thanks for that.

Borhammas- I'm sure I'll get in trouble - difference is I'll be happy and in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Trad, the beer thing was just banter. Tom Lehrer was a Harvard maths don who wrote comic and satirical songs ('Vatican Rag', 'National Brotherhood Day', 'The Masochism Tango,'The Elements' and so on; you'd like him.


Patsy said...

That's a wonderful thing to hear from a friend - they are not surprised that you would be successful at being yourself.

It would have sucked if he said "I know, right? So is everyone else!"

Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

"PICK THE BOSS," not the job, is good advice. Better yet, sometimes, is when the boss picks YOU.
You'll have then been recognized and may have another mentor (if you don't screw up).

Brummagem Joe said...

tintin: I'm guessing you'd have been there when it all went pear shaped.?

tintin said...

Joe- Yes.