15 November 2010

DIY Christmas Sweater

I've never been much of a DIY kinda guy. But the idea of strolling shopping malls just plain depresses me. So this year I went to the source. First stop, Arthur Provencher's Wind Ridge Farm in Henniker, NH for the goods. Llama wool of the highest quality. Light, warm and obviously US sourced. The wool is sheared, combed and carded and spun all in the US of A. For a sweater I'll need two pounds. That's $98. I saved on shipping by picking up my order at the farm.

I don't knit but I'm a big fan of finding and paying people who do. Check out a local knitting supply store and ask who can do a decent sweater. Look at existing patterns or create your own. I'm working on a fuzzy blue and white argyle with rampant Llamas for the Golf Foxtrot. Cost. $200. That's $298 all in. I got to meet the Llamas, design the sweater and stay outta the mall.


Sean said...

I have a ball of cat fur you can start working on. Being a generous man, I will even let you keep the final product.

What's your address? It will go in the mail tomorrow

tintin said...

Sean- You don't have to be so generous with your pussy.

Alice Olive said...

(Erm, your comment to Sean was a tad shocking.)

Nevertheless, the wool looks beautiful. I also like how thoughtful and personalized your gifts to the Golf Foxtrot are.

Hilton said...

I finally heeded your advice and picked up a Shaggy Dog @ the Press sale in Washington over the weekend. Now if it would only get cold enough to wear it.

I would like to acquire a few in other colours, but at $165 (less %25 on sale) they ain't cheap. Do you happen to know the best time of the year to pick them up at the lowest price? Also, how do you feel they compare to other Shetlands such as offered by O' Connell's and the Andover shop? Thanks.

tintin said...

Alice- While it may appear totherish of me - I was referring to a scarf.

Hilton- I like Andover. Cheaper at $125 and no one else seems to have their colors.

These sweaters (from what I've heard) come from two makers in Scotland. To confuse things further, J Press was using one of the makers a couple years ago then went to the competition. Why don't you order some llama from Arthur and make your own? I'm serious.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo staging! That whole llama with the wool is a bit like a chili dog: meat on meat. You have a great idea. Good luck.

You don't knit? Really?


Patsy said...

As a knitter, I will tell you that $200 is a heck of a good price in NYC. I've never used llama, though. I'd love to see a picture of the finished product.

Anonymous said...

'The one 'l' lama is a priest,
The two 'l' llama is a beast
And I'll bet a silk pajama
That there isn't any three 'l' lllama.'

Ogden Nash? One of yours anyway, I believe.

brohammas said...

I was once approached by a man I know who was considering a purchase that would reslut in him cornering the US alpaca market.
He needed an experienced sales rep to bring his product to market... the market he cornered.
I asked him why he opwned so many of these animals. He had no real answer.