13 February 2010

Winter Light In New York

West 56th
Le Veau d'Or
Fire Truck

Late afternoon light in New York City. It looks like a fight will break out with the shadows. Flat and austere it reflects different looks on the same block. It amazes me and there's not a day I'm not grateful for it no matter how cold it gets.


Baddog75 said...

Thanks for the west side pics. My Grandmother and numerous relatives lived at the Park Vendome for 30+ years, and Patsy's was out standard celebration restaurant for decades (it opened just after my first birthday). I still try to eat there when I get back to the City.

M.Lane said...

That's the spirit! Some of my favorite places.


Alice Olive said...

Agreed. It is vivid!

Sean said...

Le Veau D'Or was on Anthony Bourdain's show "No Reservations" and I think you discussed it on a post. The spot on No Reservations made it sound classic.

I am thinking of visiting New York this spring- is it worth going there? Keep in mind, I live in Seattle where the eating is good, so know a thing or two about food.

Brummagem Joe said...

The west 56 pic looks as if it's near that Ramen place you recc'd....I tried it the other day...very good and cheap....agree about that winter light but late afternoon light anywhere is fairly good....in Maine in the summer near the water it's incredible

Anonymous said...

You and Jerry Seinfeld.

Read today's Parade Magazine: After ten years in L.A. Seinfeld moved back to within two blocks of where he waited tables when he was 21 years old - the Upper West Side. And walks through central Park each day. And still admires and appreciates every minute that he lives there.

That's cool.


Marc said...

The shot of Patsy's is fantastic. I just sat there and looked at it while having coffee...

tintin said...

Baddog 75- It's a beautiful bldg. Pre - War. 30's I think. With four entrances. Gotta love a building with four entrances.

M Lane- She'll kick me out if she sees anymore pics taken on the inside. Did you know how well a gin martini pairs with her smoked salmon?

Alice- Perhaps too vivid.

Sean- Go. Places like Veau d'Or are not gonna be around forever. Try the smoked salmon with a martini.

Joe- Noodles are east of 6th Ave. These were taken west of 6th. As for afternoon light...I see it differently from place to place. Not at all the same. That may be because of my poor vision but it always looks different to me. London is different from Paris which is different from Chicago which is different from Atlanta. Maybe I'm just nuts but I like it like that.

DB- I guess that would make me George.

Marc- Thanks. I'm gonna try and swap it for a free dinner for two.

Brummagem Joe said...

tintin:"Not at all the same."

.....Latitude and proximity to water are determinants....that's why Northern ME (or Stockholm or the Hebrides) are so fantastic on late summer afternoons.....mind you late pm in Sienna is rather sweet too!.....and I guess I'm now going to have to go in search of Le Veau D'Or to sample martini/sm