17 February 2010

Lets Keep It Clean

Caswell - Massey Lime and Greenbriar Soaps

I like playing the field with soaps. You know...seeing what's out there - - but I always go to the same house. This month: Miss Greenbriar, "She gets me woodsy." Next month, "Anytime with the sublime, Miss Lime." They're both tarts. Citrus that is.

But please. Don't tell my soaps that men are as faithful as their options.

On Lexington bet 48th and 49th. Huge history. Fair prices. I'm buying all I can get today because of that, "Better Than It Will Be" thing. So as not to speak in code - - Some of the Caswell - Massey products are disappearing. And when they're gone - - It ain't gonna be like a bow tie from F. R. Tripler. It's soap and it truly will be gone.


Alice Olive said...

I never know what I'm going to find here. The Trad has many parts. A good clean start to the day. (Pun absolutely intended.)

Belle de Ville said...

Right now I have lavender soap in my shower. It is a little too sweet. I can see why you go for the tarts.

La Maison Fou said...

I got a wonderful bar for my birthday in a rose scent; brought back memories of my Grandmother's house.
Luv the Casswell - Massey brand!

M.Lane said...

I love everything from CM that I have tried. Good post!


The Blushing Hostess said...

I use them in the back of drawers like sachets because they are enormous and the scent lasts forever. Disappearing! Say it isn't so...

ADG said...

That's some real nice soap. Real nice.

Remember Mr.Bubble?

Those Tricks said...

Hoarding soap, eh?

In a related story - my dad had a prized, last bottle of discontinued Armani aftershave that went to airport security. That was years ago and he still mourns the loss.

Don't leave that soap near the radiator, the trad.

Chris said...

Kiehls Original Musk is my go to.

Anything originally called "love oil" has to be good.

Anonymous said...

(sound of a long inhale)
"MMMmmmmhhh,somebody's clean!".
MMH(sister to infamous ME)

Brummagem Joe said...

CM used to stock Taylors of Bond Street (my stuff of choice) but no more....it's amazing the strength of habit when it comes to shaving soaps, brushes, aftershaves etc.

Holly said...

I'm panicking & googling 'Caswell Greenbriar' immediately. For some unknown reason it reminds me of Pinehurst.

And don't kid yourself. Your soaps know you better than you think they do.

Anonymous said...

In the late '90s Hermie's Eau D'Orange Verte cologne (name change) and C-M St. Thomas Bay Rum soap-a-dope (package change?) turned up at Metrolina area Marshalls where they languished on the shelves for a few markdowns. Accumulated a sizable cache of each from whence T occassionallly d'raws without d'iminishment of d'scent.