06 February 2010

Another Plug for Wally

Wally Stroby on the right

At the Mysterious Book Shop in NYC

Wally in the back and John Fusco in the middle at the Alligator Farm 1982

Tintin (Left) and Wally (Right) 1982

Wally Stroby had a book reading and signing last night at the Mysterious Book Shop regardless of reports of snow up to one's pipik. It seems like I've been taking pictures of Wally for almost 30 years. Small price to pay for his friendship all these years and his musical taste. I've threatened you with his eclectic taste in songs before but I have to follow through this time with a play list that he claims was his inspiration when writing 'Gone Til November.'

Gone Til November - Wyclef Jean

Everybody Always Leaves - Matthew Ryan

I Still Miss Someone - Johnny Cash

I Miss You - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes

Regina - Bunny Sigler

Jane, I Still Feel the Same - Matthew Ryan

Gone For Good - O.V. Wright

Great Expectations - The Gaslight Anthem

Trailer - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Ramblin' Man - Hank Williams

Cure For Pain - Morphine

Nothing Stays the Same Forever - Percy Mayfield

Keep Moving On - Sam Cooke

Streets of Philadelphia - Bettye LaVette

People Get Ready - Blind Boys of Alabama

A Change is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke

(I Won't Be)Leaving - Dave Alvin

Tonight the Golf Foxtrot is reading Wally's book and we have Wally's mix playing. Man, there's a lotta leaving and moving on in this music but Sam Cooke is also singing a change is gonna come. Yes it will. You're may not learn any style tips from Wally but you'll love the haunting sadness of these songs and how they go so well with the characters of his book.


Sandra said...

Aaaah - this playlist = love. Off to order this novel now! The author's playlist may be my new criterion for what I read! :-)

tintin said...

101- Amazon is not carrying the book due to a dispute with the publisher but it can be found at Barnes and Noble which is where I hot linked. The book and music are a great fit. Thanks for noticing.

Sandra said...

Thank you for that info. I've been looking for a novel to get excited about for a while now. Thought I had found a couple, but those ended in disappointment. Thrilled about this find. By the way, I read your every post and so enjoy. I don't comment a lot, but always look forward to The Trad!

tintin said...

I just heard from Wally the spat with Amazon has been settled and the book is now available there. And thank you for your compliment.

Brummagem Joe said...

Since you've nudged me in the direction of a Ramen shop on my next NYC visit I'll try Gone til November dessert.....to be honest I find much new fiction disappointing so I hope to be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stroby looks very distinguished in his black t-shirt!

tintin said...

Joe- It's a fast read so if you don't like it you're only out a few hours. It's also crime fiction so don't expect William Boyd.

ME- I offered one of my smoking jackets but he turned it down.

Brummagem Joe said...

tintin:"It's also crime fiction so don't expect William Boyd."

.....Raymond Chandler is my benchmark!

Anonymous said...

both of you are a lot fatter. Your spain wine rec sucked.

tintin said...

Anon- We're uglier as well.

By the way, the golf foxtrot can't stand the Spanish wine either so you're not alone. I'll put up a pina colada for you next week.

tintin said...

Anon- One more thing, Mr Parker. I recommended an entire region in Spain not a wine. Try something else from Montsant if you didn't like what was in the picture.

Paul said...

Choice list of music there.

I think at one time or another, we think that we too can write - and perhaps make a living at telling some engaging yarns. I tried once and failed miserably - but at least I gave it a go - everyone should I think. I love a good mystery with history book.

Wonderful post.

tintin said...

Paul- You tried, brother. More than I've ever done.

It's a beautiful play list. I'm listening to it now and I'm blown away by how it moves track to track.

I wanna turn off the lights and just feel sorry for myself.

Sandra said...

Got the book, read it, loved it. I mean loved it. And those references to the music. Definitely "music" to my ears, as well as the novel. I must read the other things he has written. Thank you. Please thank him!

Wallace Stroby said...

Preppy101: Thanks very much for taking a chance on it. Glad you liked it.