16 February 2010

A Fashion Show at Bryant Park

The Excitement (of the unknown)

The Fans (without tickets)

The fans with the, 'Green Pass'

White tickets get chairs

The Photographers

The Audience (with white tickets)

The photographer who looks like I feel

The Bored

When yours truly gets invited to a fashion show at Bryant Park you can pretty much be assured it's over. Still, I can't deny the fantasy of a front row or even third row seat didn't hunker down into my subconscious. I tend to daydream. And you know how a place you've envisioned or an experience you've yet to live is never what you thought it would look like or be? One question. What if it was?

The Perry Ellis PR firm sent me an invite and I could barely believe it. Throw into this mix that it was the last Fashion Week at Bryant Park and I knew it was my lucky day. It was not. The front row seat - - Hell, any seat, was out the door when I realized the green piece of paper they gave me with an "S" on it wasn't the row number.

It meant "Standing" and there was damned little room to do that. When I saw a fire extinguisher knocked over and shoved behind a curtain I thought it best to move close to the exit where I couldn't see the runway without jumping. And I wasn't about to do that...not for Perry Ellis.

But it wasn't all that bad. I was in awe of the photographers as well as the crowd itself. I couldn't help but look where no one else was looking -- not that these pictures are decent evidence of that -- but it was a unique experience. Kind'a like the men's room at a Cub's game an hour and half into a rain delay. Except there wasn't any beer.


Brummagem Joe said...

tintin: what you do for your art...it looks like absolute torture to me.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these people look like they just CAME from a Cubs game. Or are going to one. Once again, I have to ask my dreaded question: Does anyone dress for any occasion anymore?

But I don't blame you for looking around at the real show going on. It's never on stage.

Another fashion curmudgeon alert: Hoodies should be banned from any non-athletic activity; they might as well be the cargo shorts of winter.



Julia said...

So glad you went so I could have a look too. I've always wanted to *experience* Fashion Week, but, honestly, it looks like a hassle. I try to choose my hassles wisely, ie, Mardi Gras IS worth the hassle, but, judging from the pics, Fashion Week IS NOT.

Belle de Ville said...

How exciting that you got an invitation to a show, even if it was standing with the hoi polloi.

Cheesemold said...

I got tired of waiting in the lobby and bailed. If I'd seen you, I could've given you my third-row seat.

Anonymous said...

So now tell us what YOU wore? Your black or blue hoodie?? :) DMW

tintin said...

Joe- I used to go these things a lot in the early 90's back in Chicago at the Apparel Mart. They were lots of fun.

This thing was what we called in the army, FUBAR. I'm also amazed at how bad the clothes were (show can bee seen on the P Ellis website). I think the terrier group at Westminster looks a whole lot better.

DB- You're right. The area I hung out in was by the photogs. Great place to watch the crowd who could have done with a chapter or two from Emily Post before arriving.

Cat- No, it's not. But I suppose to some it is and they know how to push their way through a crowd.

Belle- I was the photogs. The coolest of the cool and most looked bored outta their minds.

Cheesemold - You got back to 'D' fast enough.

DMW- You can't weat a hoodie and a beret.

Brummagem Joe said...

"This thing was what we called in the army,"

FUBAR=Fucked up beyond all recognition?....these things are for the under 30's.....presumably your age range in Chicago....thereafter forget it....you have some PE pics up from 25 years ago....what's the difference?...lapels 1" narrower, pants 3" shorter?.....you couldn't pay me to go to these things...Cathleen above gives some good advice....choose your hassles wisely.....millenium firework display over lady liberty yep....PE bunfight nope.

Anonymous said...

Shoulda put your ego aside and gone to the Garden instead. Way better pageant walking. Coulda bought yourself a better seat. And you woulda been able to snark about sequins paired with sensible shoes.

For Pete's sake, Perry Ellis? And BERETS???

Chris said...

I was at the Project Runway Finale show, and am somewhat "glad" to hear that Perry Ellis was much the same.

More invitees, same old park, idiots running the check in.

Guess the Fire Marshall doesn't care you about us "S" folk.